Wash. It. Later. Soak and Save Bags (8/30)

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Wash. it. Later. Introduces: Liquid tight Soak & Save Bags designed with an aggressive seal, engineered to hold water without leaking! Each bag comes already equipped with a pod of chemical free, all natural/hypoallergenic soaking solution- dissolvable in hot OR cold water! 

When a mess/baby blowout/potty accident/spill happens, you simply toss in the clothes, add water, seal it up and start soaking and pretreating no matter where you are! Our bags are single use, fully recyclable and have stylish minimalistic designs on them so you don’t have to see through to the disaster inside! Isolate and contain the mess & smell, keep your diaper bag/purse/tote clean, and never again sacrifice your outfits to stains! 

Contributor: Hannah England from Wash. It. Later. 

Written by Ben Skute

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