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A great gift for any tech obsessed person! It’s a great security or pet cam (What did my dog do all day? Did my dog walker come today? Is my bike safe?), or set up a timelapse during your Halloween party and share a short video of all the shenanigans that went down.

Wyze Cam is a 1080p smart home camera that you can set up anywhere there is wifi. Customers can pull up a live stream view of the camera anytime day or night. The cameras have night vision and motion and sound detection, including the ability to detect the sound patterns of smoke and CO monitor alarms, and can send you a notification when an event occurs. You can add a microSD card to record 24/7 (a 32GB card holds 2-3 days of footage), or record only when sound or motion occurs. It even includes 14-day cloud storage of alert videos for free (most other cameras charge for this service).

Contributors: Elana Fishman from Wyze Cam

Written by Ben Skute

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