You Minimize the Good and Maximize the Bad (8/16)

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You think of all the negative things he’s said about himself, and things that may have rubbed you the wrong way and relate them to something he just said. Everything good that he/she has done is out the window because you’re trying to make sense of something that your partner has already tried to clear up for you. I’d like to stress that sometimes we’re don’t overanalyze and our gut does try to speak to us through warning signs in certain situations. But if you often find that your mind can’t stop racing and you have a hard time trusting your partner after they have tried to bring clarity to the situation, these are signs of overanalyzing. Something very simple becomes very complex and that’s often a sign of mistrust or insecurity within yourself.

If they have been faithful and haven’t given you a reason to feel suspicious about their behavior, there’s another reason why you can’t stop thinking of one alternative reasoning after the other.

Contributors: Chantel Cohen from CWC Coaching and Therapy

Written by Ben Skute

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