The Do’s And Don’t’s Of Decorating Your Own House

Decorating your house can be a very daunting prospect. People are forever worrying if their look is gonna pay off, or if all their friends and family are gonna like their ideas. In reality, the only thing that should be going through your mind should be whether you like or do not like the ideas, decorations or new layout you have chosen.

Here are few do’s and dont’s to consider as you take the leap into decorating your house

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#1 Don’t listen to the advice of others (mother in law, friends)

Just because someone gives you their opinion doesn't mean it's the right solution for your home. If you love their home then they may have great ideas for your space! On the other hand, if you wouldn't want to live in their home, or if they think that spending $10,000 on a rug is a-okay while you have a cat that'll immediately ruin any rug you bring home (or you'd just rather spend that on travel) then thank them for their great ideas, and move on with the ideas that are a better fit for your home.

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#2 Do think about scale and proportion, because size matters

One of the biggest mistakes people make when decorating their own home is going too small, especially when they choose area rugs, lamps, and artwork. Objects that are too small leave a room feeling naked while also making it seem cluttered, while objects that are the right size anchor a room, helping it feel complete without having too many things in the space. It may be scary to spend more on the larger item, but you will end up with a room that works better and you may even save money by using fewer items overall!

ContributorsRebecca West from Seriously Happy Homes

#3 Do not go overboard

When decorating your own house, do not go overboard! Figure out what your must-have items are for your home-either store or throw the rest out. Try and start off with as clean a slate as possible so you can have fun decorating your space. Establish a budget so you know how much you want to spend on new items. Nothing kills a fun furniture shopping trip faster than realizing you're out of funds!

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#4 Do – Get Professional Help

If your house has challenges, you want to cry when seeing paint color strips or fabric swatches hire an interior decorator.  Look local and find someone that fits your style, can be paid hourly or by the project and understands your budget. I hired someone who pinned ideas to a Pinterest board from brands/companies like CB2, WestElm, etc. so I could buy on my own timeline when there were sales and I could get my credit card points.  She didn't make commission on the furniture suggestions.  She was paid by the project so I always felt there was no conflict.

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#6 Do: Use A Decorating Kit

Lay out furniture on your grid board with furniture templates that you can easily stick, remove, replace and reuse. The grid board opens up and folds back to fit into the beautiful box, where all 8 components are contained.  Each square on the grid board is equal to 1 foot, so forget about counting - that’s so last year!

Inside the kit are the signature Elaine Ryan Color Bars, a foolproof and so easy to use color matching system for coordinating all the colors in the universe to one another - without any effort.

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Written by Taegan Lion