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24 Marketing Books Entrepreneurs Must Read In 2020

Learn about the kind of marketing that takes your venture above the rest.

Being entrepreneur means being adaptable. Being adaptable means keeping up to date with all the latest concepts and methods to add to your repetoire. The larger your understanding, the more confident you feel at dealing with a range of situations in business.

These books can’t replace experience in the field, but they can prepare and help you focus as an entrepreneur. Is there a method that you haven’t tried yet? Is there a better way to do it next time?

These books came highly praised by entrepreneurs that we reached out to. If you want to continue or return to success this year, you’ll be sure to read at least one of them. We know we’re trying.

This contribution was made by Matthew Myre from Berri Properties

Content Inc., by Joe Pulizzi

Content Inc. was one of the most instrumental keys to my success as a real estate agent and entrepreneur. Joe Pulizzi lays out the foundation of a successful content marketing plan that can truly change your business. I started implementing his strategies immediately, being sure to follow his steps in order. Within four months, I was already ranking my website near the top of Google’s search results in my market via blogging. Absolute game-changer.

This contribution was made by Avivit Fisher from REdD Strategy

This is Marketing by Seth Godin

This book is a must for any business owner. It explains the essence of marketing and battles any misconception that the audience might have about the value of marketing a business. It’s written by one of the best marketers of our times and is easy to read and understand.

This contribution was made by Avivit Fisher from REdD Strategy

3 months to No.1 by Will Coombe

This book is written for business owners who know that SEO is important but don’t really know what it is. It’s very detailed and is accompanied by online tutorials and tools provided by the author. This is an important book for anyone who wants to use SEO as a part of their business strategy.

This contribution was made by Avivit Fisher from REdD Strategy

The Introvert’s Edge by Matthew Pollard

Having a good business idea and the right skills to implement it is not enough. Entrepreneurs also need to learn how to sell it to become successful. This book shows a sales system that can be mastered even by people who hate sales. It’s filled with examples, scripts and processes that a business owner can immediately apply to their business.

This contribution was made by Ethan Taub from Goalry, Inc

Social Media ROI by Olivier Blanchard

This book has been a great asset to my company. While social media is a large part of everyone’s lives, including your customers, you must think about why, and if your company should get involved in it. Your efforts through social media need to have progress and reward, and this book really helps with that. It is not just a book filled with business anecdotes and ‘theories’ it really digs deep into the topic, and gives valuable and realistic methods to implement into your business.’

This contribution was made by Mike Berland from Decode_M

Maximum Momentum by Mike Berland

In Mike Berland’s new book Maximum Momentum: How to Build it and How to Keep It, the key to true momentum is revealed, beginning with the simple physics formula— mass x velocity. This book is designed to give readers the inside scoop on how successful people, companies, and movements fuel their momentum. Included is the framework for a Momentum Matrix—introducing five drivers that decode the science into effective, applicable, measures that can be used for others to fuel their own business momentum forward.

This contribution was made by Vivek Kumar from Qlicket

Traction by Gabriel Weinberg

The book walks readers through nineteen traction channels ranging from Google Ads to publicity stunts, weighing the costs and benefits of each channel in a highly methodical fashion. The authors encourage the reader to ignore previous biases about the efficacy of particular strategies, prompting honest consideration and a robust brainstorming process. Readers are encouraged to test, re-test, and eliminate strategies over time, eventually choosing a bullseye channel that consistently delivers provable results.

This contribution was made by Roy Morrison from MeaningFulProfits

Hacking Growth by Sean Ellis

Instead of focusing on fast-changing marketing tactics, the author provides a highly structured way of growing tech companies through marketing from building growth teams to covering the different stages of the funnel. Tactics change fast in the digital environment where algorithms get updated frequently and new platforms (e.g. like TikTok) emerge. But taking a structured approach to growing a tech company remains fundamental to successful marketing despite the constant changes. And this is why Hacking Growth is highly recommended.

This contribution was made by Jeremy Scott Foster from TravelFreak

Twelve Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson

I’m sure you’ve probably had this submitted over a thousand times. Jordan Peterson’s book is a blessing to anybody facing the arbitrary tyranny of rivals in your niche. Peterson’s book packages his scientific guide to confidence and responsibility into digestible, bite-size truisms at the start of each chapter. If you read a chapter a day, before long you will enter the workplace with the ideas ready to face-up to marketing challenges posed by your peers as well as have the confidence to believe in your own methods own actions. It is a book within books. The chapters focus on entirely different aspects, so you can check the index and dive into different marketing strategies that you what you want action right now. It doesn’t have to be a chronological book.

This contribution was made by Justin Blase from Ted’s Vintage Art

Ca$hvertising by Drew Eric Whitman

Ca$hvertising takes the biggest advertising tips from the greatest advertisers on the planet (going back to the beginning of advertising) and packs them into a book that is not only easy to read, but also easy to use as a field manual when you are sitting down to write ad copy. You will want to grab a highlighter when you read this one because you are guaranteed to walk away with at least a dozen great ideas that you will be able to implement right away.

This contribution was made by Liviu Tanase from ZeroBounce

Fascinate by Sally Hogshead

This book gives you all the tools you need to define what your business stands for and to turn it into a brand. As one of the top marketing experts in the world, Sally Hogshead believes all brand communication is built upon seven key features: passion, innovation, alarm, power, prestige, mystique, and alert. Which one describes you best? By the time you finish reading this book, you’ll know what your main trait is and how to use it to fine-tune your communication. You’ll gain an edge over your competitors because you’ll have a better understanding of who you are and how you can express that to your best advantage.

This contribution was made by Daniel Ramsey from MyOutDesk

Scaling Your Business with MOD Virtual Professionals by Daniel Ramsey

Only 4% of businesses ever actually get over a million dollars in revenue, and every single fortune 500 company is outsourcing currently and yet most small businesses have never considered that as an option. This book gives practical steps and proven best practices for entrepreneurs to leverage VA services in scaling and growing their business.

This contribution was made by Ruhul Amin from Trusted Golfer

Blue Ocean Shift by W. Chan Kim

Blue Ocean Strategy sold more than 3.5 million copies with the idea that instead of competing in a given market, it is better that you believe yours.. Kim and Mauborgne return with Blue Ocean Shift to offer processes, tools, resources and new research so you can create your blue ocean. The authors include case studies of numerous companies that went from highly competitive markets to own their niche.

This contribution was made by Catherine Way from Prime Plus Mortgages

Minimalist Marketing by Joe Fontenot

The best marketing book for entrepreneurs is minimalist marketing. It a great book that helps entrepreneurs work their marketing with a message, and how you can be successful with a low budget message that hits home. it gives get insight into how charities can properly make the most of their audience that can be applied to any business.

This contribution was made by Melissa Lee from Bell + Ivy

Platform By Cynthia Johnson

Platform offers a unique perspective on an element of marketing that is on the rise: personal branding. For entrepreneurs especially, personal branding can heavily contribute to the success of their company. Cynthia Johnson’s playful anecdotes, comprehensive real-life examples and very matter of fact tone allow for a fun and engaging read without realizing that the amount of information you had just consumed could fit in a textbook! By offering additional resources throughout the book, she takes the beauty of reading and learning one step further by allowing readers to actually apply theories and explore resources themselves.

This contribution was made by Sumitra Senapaty from WOW Club

From Nothing by Ian Pribyl

When most entrepreneurs are starting out on a new business adventure, the cash flow might not be there yet, so stretching your marketing dollar as far as it will go is imperative. This guide offers numerous tips on how to begin, including utilizing content marketing, email marketing and other strategies to help brand your company.

This contribution was made by Ali Rizvi from Dream Superhero

Pre-Suasion by Robert Cialdini Ph.D.

Robert Cialdini wrote the most popular business book of all time. With the help of various case studies and stories, he highlights the method to shift your customer’s attention before you present the offer. This book will help you to hone your marketing intelligence. Reading this book will give you help in growth of your business.

This contribution was made by Syed from Film Jackets

You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

Whether you’re new in the marketing field or want to upgrade your thoughts, this book by Jen Sincero will teach you how to be pro in your field. It offers inspiring stories, life-changing insights, and tough thoughts to deal with challenges you will face in marketing and other business fields.

This contribution was made by Osama from Outfitrs

The Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting and Running a Business by Steve Mariotti

This book illustrates how to turn hobbies, skills, and interests into profit-making ventures. Mariotti describes the characteristics of the successful entrepreneur and covers the nuts and bolts of getting a business up, running and successfull.

This contribution was made by Majid Fareed from James Bond Suits

Top of Mind by John Hall

This book teaches us how to build relationships, trust, and transparency with your audience. If you are building your own company must read it.

This contribution was made by M. Ammar Shahid from SuperHeroCorp

Small Business Marketing For Dummies by Barbara Findlay Schenck

This book gives you insights into the basics of marketing besides telling you the ways to make an effective marketing plan to boost your business and enhance your customer base.

This contribution was made by Mostafa Yasser from Stacks Market

Pricing Strategy by Tim J. Smith

This book will help entrepreneurs with setting up the prices in each stage of their product/service they provide in their business. The strategies mentioned are easy to implement. I consider Pricing Strategy to be a must-read for anyone serious about understanding the pricing side of business.

This contribution was made by Liz Brown from Sleeping Lucid

The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber

Gerber’s book entitled the ‘E-Myth Revisited’ is a great starter book for budding entrepreneurs as it details the common mistakes that small business owners make and highlights the remedies that keep business owners on their feet.

This contribution was made by Bailey Hahn from Summit Digital Marketing

The New One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard

I recently started a new role at Summit Digital Marketing where I am now managing a team to help complete all the things that were once solely on my plate. I was having trouble giving up control of the tasks and workflows I had worked so hard to help create, yet I was overwhelmed with all of the new responsibilities of having to manage a new team. The New One Minute Manager has helped me give control and empower my team so that they can manage themselves and come to me when they need advice or guidance. It has been an easier transition for me (and my team!) since I read this book! I highly recommend for any young professionals looking to best manage their time and the time of those under them.

This contribution was made by Melanie Musson from QuickQuote

Mind Your Business by Ilana Griffo

This book takes the reader on a journey from little to no knowledge of how to market a business to an understanding and readiness to jump into marketing with both feet and feel confident about getting results.

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