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5 High Quality Speakerphones – Ideal for making Calls from Your Home Office

The 5 Best SpeakerPhones for Home Offices

As working from home becomes more common it’s so useful to be able to make phone calls from your home office with as little interference as possible. These speakerphones all promise a high quality call experience, and would make a great addition to any home office.

Yamaha UC YVC-200 Wireless Mobile Conference Phone

This product was recommended by Flynn Zaiger from Optimistic Social Media Agency DC

I’ve utilized the Yamaha UC YVC-200 in the past and found its ability to function as an enterprise-level speakerphone, while still being priced low enough for an individual to purchase to be exceptional. The audio quality is crystal clear. More than once someone else in my apartment has thought that a third person was actually with us!

In addition, those I’m talking with have told me that I sound crisp and easy to understand. The set-up was a breeze. I’ve also really enjoyed the aesthetics of the speakerphone. It’s a clean, modern black, with a small, somewhat dim green LED that isn’t distracting. Overall, I’d strongly recommend this buy for anyone searching for the best speakerphone for their home office.

Konftel Ego Speakerphone

This product was recommended by Scot J Chrisman from The Media House

This speakerphone is extremely affordable. Although it is a practical choice, the quality is great. It has a unique design that is thin and compact and the audio quality is just amazing. And it’s easy to use. It has an LCD screen which you can toggle.

eMeet M1 Black Conference USB Speakerphone

This product was recommended by Scot J Chrisman from The Media House

This speakerphone has the best sound quality that you can even play music with it. It has a multicolored LED that provides various visual cues to the user. It has an integrated battery that you can use as a power bank to charge your smartphones.

Jabra Speak 510

This product was recommended by Jeremy Harrison from Hustle Life Media, Inc.

This has all the things you need for your home office. It has a 360-degree Omni-directional microphone which means you can be heard from anywhere in the room. It can be connected via USB or Bluetooth. It can provide up to 15 hours talk time. Best of all, it’s easy to set up. You don’t need to be an IT guy to use this device.

Logitech Conference Cam Connect

This product was recommended by Reuben Yonatan from GetVoIP

I suggest this speakerphone because of the sound quality and the fact that it is a two in one (video/speakerphone). It is ideal for video conferencing and it saves money because you do not need to purchase a separate web cam.

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