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Experts Tell Us the Best Xbox 1 Games

This article showcases our top picks for the Best Xbox 1 Games. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Halo: Combat Evolved

This product was recommended by Tim Connon from ParamountQuote Insurance Advisors

I am suggesting this product because this was THE game me and my cousins played when we were kids. If you had an Xbox and did not play Halo you were missing out this game is full of fast-paced action and a great story line it is a must-play type of game.


This product was recommended by Michelle Cornelia from Eklipse

Why am I suggesting this product? 1. Varied roles and heroes Overwatch is one of the best FPS games that features a wide range of characters. Character types are divided into four, namely offense, defense, support, and tanks which have the most HP and can receive more damage. Each character has unique skills and can be used by players to become a more efficient team. 2. A game for everyone What makes this game unique is that anyone, even those who have no experience with FPS, can play this game. This is because there are heroes that do not require aiming skills, such as Winston, Mercy, and Moira.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

This product was recommended by Rachel Scott from National TASC LLC

With the phenomenal success of the Marvel franchise, this Xbox One game will surely allow you to live like a Marvel superhero. This game will allow the player to take charge and embody the character of Star-Lord and call the shots in and out of the battle throughout the universe. Winning against cosmic threats is the only way to win the game so band with your team and crush all the enemies with your strategy and awesome superpowers and weapons. Overall, this is one of the best Xbox One games in the market.

Devil May Cry 5

This product was recommended by Michael Jan Baldicana from bidetsPLUS

Devil May Cry 5 is a high octane stylized action game that features three playable characters each with a radically different stylish combat play style as they take on the city overrun with demons. This game continues to achieve its awe-inspiring story, amazing combat, and beautiful graphics.

Jumanji: The Video Game

This product was recommended by Stella Scott from EasyPaydayLoan

This game provides an exceptionally interactive gaming experience allowing you to venture into another world. It is an action-packed, ultimate survival game that will have you escaping crocodiles, charging rhinos, and more. For a holistic adventure experience with friends, Jumanji lets you team up with up to three real or AI teammates in its online or split-screen mode. To win the game, players have to recover jewels and save Jumanji. It is an exciting and fun-packed game.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

This product was recommended by Stella Scott from EasyPaydayLoan

NFS Hot Pursuit is an iconic game that features thrilling and over-the-top driving. This remastered version builds on this reputation by sprucing up the visuals and decorating the tracks further. It creates a sense of reckless speed and excitement through spectacular chases, escapes, and crashes. The deeply defined single-player career allows you to assume the role of a cop and a chaser. Hot pursuit also features a seamlessly linked multiplayer mode.

Rainbow Six Siege

This product was recommended by Steven Walker from Spylix

Rainbow Six Siege is a terrific Xbox One X commercial and the best instalment in Lara Croft’s rebooted trilogy. While the action in this Siberian-set sequel looks great on the conventional platform, it looks even better when played on Microsoft’s supercharged system on a 4K television. Lara Croft’s cold adventure combines brief Uncharted-style shootouts with platforming sections that give you more agency than PlayStation’s poster boy ever gives you, improving on the previous game’s main areas and making the Challenge Tombs more exciting than ever.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

This product was recommended by Steven Walker from Spylix

Shadows Die Twice proved to be an even tougher customer than Dark Souls. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is expertly balanced and never seems unfair despite being brutally difficult. This game rewards truly steely nerves by encouraging controlled bouts of aggressiveness. What about the boss battles? Even the most trained shinobi can be taken out by a monstrous monkey and its deadly excrement, which requires expert parrying and unblinking strikes.

Fallout 4

This product was recommended by Steven Walker from Spylix

It’s large, it’s buggy, and it’s Bethesda. Fallout 4 is a natural progression, carrying over the aimless exploration, mild humour, and moral gratitude of the previous two games while adding a new-gen sheen. The main character’s voice acting, better gunplay, and (gasp) not having to look inside crates to loot them all contribute to this streamlined version of a now-classic genre.

Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated

This product was recommended by Arthur Worsley from The Art of Living

This Xbox One game will surely take you back to your childhood days. Play the characters of either Patrick Star, Spongebob, or Sandy in this amazing game. Like the animated series, all you need to do is thwart plankton’s evil plan to rule all of the bikini bottom with his big army of wacky robots. Using your unique skill sets, all you have to do is to make sure that Plankton won’t succeed in his plans. Like other Xbox One games, this game also allows multiplayer, online and split-screen, so you can enjoy this with your friends too.

Monster Hunter World

This product was recommended by Thomas Niemczewski from Dream Chasers XYZ

Monster Hunter World is a role playing game (RPG), in which players hunt monsters to earn money and craft weapons and armor for their characters. Players are tasked on a research expedition to a newly discovered place known as “new world” as they venture on quests to discover about the mysterious land.

Carnival Games

This product was recommended by Stella Cooper from PaydayLoansUK

Enjoy carnival games with your family or friends and win exciting rewards. These interesting carnival games include 20 fun and challenging mini-games such as shooting a basketball, clowning around, flying drone racing, and cosmic bowling. Participate with more than 4 players, play these exciting carnival games, win tickets and get rewards. This game is easy to play and navigate. Trade for new outfits for your carnival guest and dress them up with wacky headgear, shirts, and bottoms.

NBA 2K22

This product was recommended by Jason Cordes from CocoLoan

You can enjoy a new world of Basketball in this game. It is NBA 2022, which brings you the whole universe of Basketball. You can make your dream team with the legends. You will be able to travel towards your pro journey in MyCAREER and enjoy the NBA’s personal rise.

Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition

This product was recommended by Jason Cordes from CocoLoan

Three people complete the game- a young street hustler, a psychopath and a retired bank robber, where they go through a series of critical heists to live on. They can believe no one else. You can get the online thrill, too, where you climb the criminal ranking of Blaine County and Los Santos.

Resident Evil 2

This product was recommended by Jason Cordes from CocoLoan

It is a classic horror game. It is based on the 1998 PlayStation console version. You will enjoy a new perspective from a shoulder camera view and better control. You will feel the thrill by experiencing the more realistic visuals. Zombies have a realistic wet gore effect that increases the game’s thrill more.

LEGO Star Wars: Force Awakens Deluxe Edition

This product was recommended by Madilyn Hill from TruePersonFinder Inc.

Join the amazing force of star wars! It is the no 1 lego video game filled with fun and humor. This game is inspired by the Star Wars movie and features all of the storylines from star wars. The force awakens offers an adventurous play with exciting playable content. It features blockbuster action, new story levels, vehicles, locations, and a variety of characters. Enjoy the exciting galaxy with arena-based battles and dog fights in space.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2

This product was recommended by Maria Saenz from FastTitleLoans

Enjoy skateboarding with this epic tony hawk’s pro skater 1+2 game. It is one of the most unique and interesting skateboard games. Skate as a tony hawk with all the pro skaters, exciting levels, and tricks. It includes the era-defining soundtrack and original game mode. Optimize your creativity with upgraded create a park and create a skater features. Compete against players from all over the world in multiplayer modes and leader boards. Play head to head with local 2-player modes.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

This product was recommended by Michael Rose from Union Law Firm

Halo was the franchise that put XBox on the map, and the Master Chief is one of the greatest characters in the history of video games, and this game combines and includes everything that we’ve come to know and love about the Halo universe in one handy, neat, not so little game. The gameplay is fast and fluid, the action thick and fast and it looks incredible, all of which make the Master Chief Collection a game that you experience rather than just simply play.

Red Dead Redemption 2

This product was recommended by Alex Smith from Luckybobbleheads

It is an action game, a cowboy simulator, and part of it is a linear plot and an exploration and reflection on the essence of the American dream. Rockstar brings a masterpiece of the West that is sometimes complicated, sometimes shocking and sometimes frustrating.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

This product was recommended by Alice Farley from Neo Online

From action-rich gameplay to sophisticated content, immersive RPGs to realistic graphics, amazing characters with majestic skills to heart-throbbing sound tracks – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an outstanding Xbox 1 game where you get indulged in slashing monsters with swords, spending hours on screen. And, how can you not love its incredible dialogues which add up to the excitement when combined with top-tier visuals. The addition of expansion packs is a real treat. This highly rewarding and intimidating game excels in both, technical and artistic terms.

Ryse: Son of Rome

This product was recommended by Ronald Williams from BestPeopleFinder

With too many chaotic but realistic combats, betrayals, and gods themselves intervening makes Ryse Son of Rome a stunningly beautiful game and my favorite one. And that is why I don’t hesitate to recommend this Xbox One game to those who love adventure and to those who want to immerse in the game. It brings gameplay in the best hack n’ slash style, focused on the formation of destructive combos. Here you assume the character Marius Titus, a Roman general who seeks to avenge the death of his family. For this, you are armed with a sword and a shield. You can use spears if you want, which serve as ranged weapons. Throughout the game, other weapons are released as you progress. Stopping enemy attacks with the shield and counterattacking is also possible, making it more indulging.


This product was recommended by Theola Tinny from VinPit

This game is the most unique and entertaining game on the Xbox One and has quickly become a favorite of all gamers. Fortnite is a multiplayer, 100-person first-person shooter. There are multiple game modes with Fortnite including the Battle Royale. There are various weapons in this game ranging from shotguns to rocket launchers, pistols, and more. As you increase in levels, it will get more challenging as you have to survive longer on the battlefields to win versus your opponents.

Detroit Become Human

This product was recommended by Fintan Costello from Bonus Finder

I discovered Detroit: Become Human during the endless hours of the lockdown and I can not recommend it enough! The game follows three androids living in near-future Detroit in an interwoven story of love, death and some pretty damn big philosophical questions. What makes the game so special is the gameplay, as the player is responsible for the choices of the characters and therefore controls the entire outcome of the story and everyone involved in it. As there is no simple “game over”, the story moves through decisions in dialogues and the moves you make in the quick time events, keeping you on the edge of your seat for the whole time as wrong choices might result in the death of one of the main characters. As the story goes forward you simply grow attached to some of the characters and become invested in their fate. Whatever the outcome, prepare to get emotional!

Doom Eternal

This product was recommended by Erica Tan from Best in Singapore

Doom Eternal takes everything great about the 2016 Doom reboot and cranks it to 11. The game’s adrenaline-pumping first-person-shooting action is more dynamic and fluid than ever, thanks to a sandbox of weapons and skills that let you create a ballet of beautiful violence during every encounter. As we explain in our Doom Eternal review, thanks to new abilities, such as the flamethrower and all-powerful blood punch, and new platforming moves, such as the double jump and air-dash, slaying demons across a demon-infested Earth is a blood-soaked blast. Add in a satisfying progression system, tons of secrets and collectibles, and absolutely breathtaking visuals and level design, and Doom Eternal is one of the best shooters in years. It’s a cathartic, satisfying experience, with a story that’s better than it has to be, and an incredible sense of atmosphere.

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