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The Best Plants For North Facing Window | Expert Recommendations

This article showcases our top picks for the Best Plants For North Facing Window. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Lucky Purple Shamrocks

This product was recommended by Jennifer Jones from Beginner Guitar HQ

lso known as Oxalis triangularis. The key to a healthy plant is providing it with a sunny spot and watering it whenever the soil starts to dry out. Also, plan to feed throughout its growing season to encourage healthy growth. It’s important to note that plants actively grow and flower during the fall to spring and go dormant in the summer. The purple-leaf is a low-growing foliage plant for the garden that also makes for an attractive indoor plant with rich, vibrant, purple leaves. Smart gardeners have gravitated to this beautiful foliage plant to add color indoors and outdoors for several decades. You don’t have to worry so much about the temperature of the plant when kept indoors. The oxalis does prefer to be kept in a cool spot if possible, but they can get by in warm areas if needed. Be careful keeping a purple -leaf in a hot room or an area that can quickly heat up.

Pink Princess Philodendron

This product was recommended by Jeremy James from Blue Water Climate Control

Pink Princess Philodendron is the best indoor plant that you can grow near a north-facing window because these shrubs need a small amount of sunlight to grow. You can buy it from Amazon at or from your nearest greenhouse. Plant collectors are in love with this tropical plant because of the pretty pink foliage that it creates. It is a climber and can reach up to 60 feet, but the height decreases if it is kept inside the house due to a lack of necessary support.

Phalaenopsis (Moth Orchid) plant

This product was recommended by Stephanie Kelly from Personal Farewells

North-facing windows provide some of the lowest light levels in a home, making them a challenge when choosing plants. However, several options will thrive in this type of environment. One of the best plants for a north-facing window is the Phalaenopsis (Moth Orchid). This beautiful plant is native to tropical rainforests and grows in dappled sunlight. As a result, it is well-suited to low-light conditions. The Phalaenopsis is known for its long-lasting flowers, which can bloom for up to eight weeks. The flowers come in many colours, including white, pink, and purple. These stunning blooms make the Phalaenopsis famous for indoor and outdoor gardens.

Cast Iron Plant

This product was recommended by Vikas Chaudhary from Nihal Fashions

Aspidistra Elatior is also known as Cast Iron Plant and is best for the north-facing windows as they need low to moderate light levels. These are adaptable to the environment and can cope with total darkness. They do not need a lot of watering and are fond of moderate moist soil as wet soil can cause root rot. They are hardy plants with thick green leaves but the growth is slow. Cast Iron Plants are indoor friendly and do not demand exposure to sunlight so the north-facing windows are the best place for them.

Peace Lily Plant

This product was recommended by Michael East from Griddle King

If you want a plant that has stunning flowers but doesn’t require a lot of light, then peace lilies are a perfect choice. They’re well known for their beautiful foliage and their gorgeous white blooms. They tend to be slow growers and a younger plant may only produce a single bloom at a time, but they are drama queens and you’ll know when they need watering due to the fact that they droop knowingly.

Lucky Bamboo Plant

This product was recommended by Chris Kowalski from Autopadre

If you want something a little different for your north-facing window then I suggest going for some Lucky Bamboo. Simple shoots of bamboo look elegant and aesthetically pleasing, and what’s more is that Lucky Bamboo doesn’t need a lot of light to thrive, meaning they will be fine in a north-facing window.

Snake Plant

This product was recommended by Chris Kowalski from Autopadre

Why? Snake plants thrive in any light rich or light poor environment, which means that they’re ideally suited to living in the shadow of a North-facing window. When you add the fact that they’re easy to look after and only need to be watered every now and then and look good as well, it makes Snake plants a North-facing window win-win.

Chinese Evergreen

This product was recommended by Jim Campbell from Honeymoon Goals

If you want a larger plant for your north-facing window, then I would love to recommend the Chinese Evergreen, it can grow up to 3ft tall and wide to fit a larger pot. What I love about this plant is that its whites and greens work very well together to make a stunning display. It works well in a north-facing window due to its shade-loving nature.

Phalaenopsis (Moth Orchid)

This product was recommended by Alice Williams from Alice Williams, M.D.

Phalaenopsis orchids are among the most sought-after indoor plants with delicate and long-lasting blossoms. They are attractive plants with blooms that come in a wide variety of colors. They thrive in bright but indirect sunshine, making them ideal for north-facing window plants. They are my all-time favorite houseplant and thrive in low-light environments, where many other flowering indoor plants struggle.

Spider Plant

This product was recommended by Charlie Southall from Dragonfly

Spider plants are truly incredibly easy plants to take care of. Tolerating almost any condition indoors, they can live happily in the low-light areas and north-facing windows. They can also survive in drought conditions, but it’s best to water them consistently and keep them humid as their leaf tips turn brown in a dry environment. The leaves of the plant will mature into dramatic length and colour and will start to shoot out spiderettes which will bloom. It’s best to pollinate them at this stage.

Lavender Grosso Plant

This product was recommended by Sharon Sanders from Philadelphia Weekly

Work can be stressful sometimes, so having a live plant on your desk can relieve some of these stresses. Lavender is known to have a relaxing effect on people, so having a lavender plant on your desk can help reduce your stress and anxieties. Aside from that, once the plant blooms, it will add a splash of color to your desk. This can further increase the release of your happy hormones, making you happier. With that, this is a good plant for your desk.

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