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The Best Plants For Low Hedges | Expert Recommendations

This article showcases our top picks for the Best Plants For Low Hedges. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Lilac Syringa Vulgaris Plant

This product was recommended by Veronica Thompson from Everyday Power

The lilac plant produces very beautiful and scented lilac blooms, so many people really love it. They can survive well in clay soil and usually blooms in spring. Because many people love it, there have been many varieties developed. Some are even dwarf sized that can fit well and survive in tiny spaces.


This product was recommended by Haris Bacic from Price Listo

Choisya is a drought-tolerant plant that has narrow, glossy, aromatic green leaves and sweet-smelling flowers in the fall. It can reach up to 6.5ft (2m) in height and is suitable for zones 7b to 10 in the US and the UK, preferring milder winter locations.


This product was recommended by Ranee Zhang from Airgram

This prickly plant is a great choice if you want a low-maintenance hedge that will also keep unwanted visitors away. ‘Mohave’ has small, dense green leaves, white blooms in summer, and red berries in the autumn. Make sure you have the right gardening gloves on hand to handle it in the spring or early summer, or simply let it grow naturally.

Lavender Plant

This product was recommended by Anthony Selva from Plantials

Lavenders are a highly sought out plant genus with more than 25 different species of shrubs and aromatic herbs. They are very common among gardeners in the west, but very few of them know that these plants are an excellent option for hedges and windbreaks. Most of the species in the lavender genus have pale grey foliage and erect spikes of highly fragrant flowers. These plants are quite versatile and will adapt to the local conditions easily. However, for high quality blooms they need bright light and well drained soil medium.


This product was recommended by Sydney Brisco from Just A Homeowner

The boxwood plant is an excellent, low-growing, evergreen that will survive anything and live anywhere. These hardy plants tend to look best when they are pruned into a specific shape on a regular basis. If you are looking for a low hedge, the boxwood will not only fill in nicely but is simple to keep trimmed to your desired height.

Variegated Pittosporum

This product was recommended by Alex Tinsman from How To Houseplant

Variegated Pittosporum makes a really nice light green hedge, although it can also do well if grown as a decorative plant. In summer it has lovely creamy white flowers that have an orange scent. This hedge is really easy to get established and will provide you with a perfect low hedge cover if kept well pruned regularly.

Green Mountain Boxwood

This product was recommended by Conifer Kingdom from Conifer Kingdom

Green Mountain Boxwood or Buxus x ‘Green Mountain’ is a mini hedge, and a delight for every landscaper and gardener, in the US. This hedge is a great barrier for wildlife while being low maintenance, and surviving in hard weather.

Bamboo Hedge Plant

This product was recommended by Sarah Watson from BPTLAB

Bamboo is a fast-growing, evergreen grass that can be used as a hedge plant. It has thin, woody stalks and can grow up to 20 feet tall. It prefers full sun to partial shade and is drought tolerant.

Buxus Sempervirens Hedge Plant

This product was recommended by Jen Stark from Happy DIY Home

Also known as the common boxwood, this is a broadleaf evergreen that is popular in formal gardens. It has small, glossy leaves and can be sheared into different shapes. It grows to about 3 feet tall and wide.

Euonymus Japonicus Hedge Plant

This product was recommended by Luke Lee from Palaleather

Also known as the Japanese spindle, this is a fast-growing, evergreen shrub with small, dark green leaves. It can be sheared into different shapes and tolerates partial shade. It grows to about 6 feet tall and wide.

Winter Gem Boxwood

This product was recommended by Kate Wight from Design Ideas Guide

The Winter Gem Boxwood is a classic and hard low-hedge plant that grows quickly and can tolerate a range of climates. Also known as the Buxus microphylla japonica, this resilient evergreen shrub offers excellent curb appeal, especially when lining a pathway or planted against a home. While it requires light, it is generally a low-maintenance hedge that needs to be watered once a week.

Cotoneaster Shrub

This product was recommended by Karthik Manoharan from WeCodee Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Cotoneaster is an excellent plant for a hedge as it grows slowly and has a reasonably dense crown. We can decorate it with small white or pink flowers and edible black berries. Cotoneaster is unpretentious, relatively frost-resistant, and tolerates drought well, so growing it is a pleasure.

Barberry Hedge

This product was recommended by Karthik Manoharan from WeCodee Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

The Barberry hedge looks original in the garden. These are dense, deciduous shrubs whose height rarely exceeds 1 m. They are decorative throughout the warm season. It is worth choosing this plant for a hedge for several reasons. The plant is unpretentious and able to adapt to different conditions.

Sunshine Ligustrum

This product was recommended by Patrick Wilson from SkillCourses

This plant is highly suitable for low hedges since the containers of Sunshine Ligustrum can be changed multiple times. Moreover, the colour is unique, creating a warm welcome for anybody visiting your house. It’s not expensive and doesn’t take a lot of space which makes this an ideal buy.

Lonicera pileata

This product was recommended by Alex Williams from FInd This Best

It is the best low-growing hedging plant with lustrous, dark green foliage called honeysuckle. The evergreen foliage of the well-liked, quickly-growing Lonicera pileata grows in an arching, bushy form. I personally like it because it is a low maintenance hedging plant and ideal for garden hedging and landscape hedging alike. Any soil in protected inland or coastal conditions, with full or partial shade. It gives a consistent and fresh look throughout the year.

Sarcococca Confusa

This product was recommended by Aviad Faruz from Faruzo

Sarcococca Confusa, better known as sweet box, is an evergreen winter-flowering shrub that has many qualities. It can make both a formal or informal hedge, depending on whether you trim it or let it take its natural shape. This plant announces itself with its incredible vanilla fragrance and tiny white flowers hidden underneath the dense foliage of rippled, dark green leaves that come to fruition in late winter till spring. These are also easy to grow, making them perfect for low hedges near your doorways or patios.

Peace Lily Plant

This product was recommended by Susan Gagnon from Costumes Heaven

Peace Lily Spathiphyllum Flower is one of the most popular plants in your home. It has large glossy foliage that gives away a luxurious and tropical feeling. Moreover, as the leaves grow, they tend to arch outward in a very elegant way. So, have these plants in your house to beautify the indoors.


This product was recommended by Anwar Kaur from Hindu Rope

Potentilla is a good choice for low hedges because it is a low-growing plant that’s easy to keep at 1m and does not require a lot of maintenance. The potentilla plant has small, dark green leaves and a variety of beautiful flowering colors. Potentilla prefers full sun but can also grow in partial shade. It is a hardy, drought-tolerant plant that’s easy to maintain and does not require much watering or fertilizing.

Hebe Royal Purple Plant

This product was recommended by Oliver Hudson from Word Finder

Hebe ’Royal Purple’ is a small, bushy shrub which grows to a height of around 2-3ft and has wonderful glossy green, spear-shaped foliage. In summer, large spikes of royal purple flowers are carried all over the plant, creating a beautiful appearance. They will often even carry on into winter in milder locations.

Black Locust

This product was recommended by Dale Steven from mowersandyardtools

Black Locust is a low hedge plant that is known for its dense foliage and dark color. It is a hardy plant that can grow in a variety of climates and is resistant to pests and diseases. Black Locust is a popular choice for landscaping and can be used in both natural and artificial settings.

Taxus Baccata Hedge Plant

This product was recommended by Marty Ford from BulletpRoof Roof Systems Ltd

Also known as the English yew, this is a slow-growing, evergreen shrub with small, dark green leaves. It can be sheared into different shapes and tolerates full sun to partial shade. It grows to about 12 feet tall and wide.

Podocarpus Macrophyllus Japanese Yew Plant

This product was recommended by Mark Joseph from Parental Queries

Japanese Yews is my third and final pick for best plants for low hedges. They are very dense and can be trimmed into any shape. They are also evergreen, so they keep your yard looking green even in the winter. The best part is that they are very low-maintenance and don’t require a lot of watering.

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