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How to take the best Wedding Photos

Want to take wedding photos you can be proud of? Well, it’s not that easy—especially if you don’t have the right tips and tricks. However, with the right photo-taking tips, you can be sure of a memorable photo-taking experience. So, if you want wedding photos you can be proud of, keep reading. Leverage on the following photoshoot tips and tricks. Inject that extra vibe into your photos with these tips and tricks. From choosing the right location to selecting the perfect attire—these are the tips and tricks that will help you get the best wedding photos for your album. Practice them and let your next photoshoot session be a memorable experience.


Timing is an important aspect when it comes to weddings. Things like finalizing details and handling-last minute issues can pin you down. That’s why you should get it right with your timing, especially when it comes to photo-taking. For instance, when looking for a photo booth hire Glasgow, be sure to do photo-taking earlier to avoid a last-minute rush.

Also, give yourself enough time between the actual pre-wedding photoshoot and the real wedding day. According to top photographers, give yourself around 4-6 months. It will allow you to take enough photos you can upload to your wedding website. It will remove pressure and anxiety from your side. Thus, you will take your photos without much hassle.

Also, choose the right photo-taking time. Choose the right time. Normally, pre-wedding photoshoot takes a few hours. So, choose the perfect time for your photo-taking session.


Get it right with the photoshoot location you choose. So, take the time to choose multiple locations. Choose a location that reflects your tastes and preferences. For instance, if your wedding will be conducted on the beach, why don’t you take your photo-taking session to the countryside? It will make things different and unique.


Choose your outfits carefully. Wear clothes you are comfortable with. Choose complementing colors. Don’t go for clothes that make you less confident. Choose outfits that fit into your explicit tastes and preferences. Also, consider going creative. Don’t stick with one outfit. Take photos with different outfits. From casual ones to official outfits—diversity will bring that extra vibe into your photo collection. Both casual and officials can breathe more life into your photos. So, don’t be afraid to bring those casual outfits into the equation. Wear that perfect suit— it will make you look serious and elegant. The bottom line is to look for an outfit that complements your looks. Also, your partner’s outfits should complement your attire.

Be sure to be creative with your outfits. Get classy. However, say no to busy outfits. Bring accessories like pieces of jewelry into the equation. Ask your photographer to advise you on how to pair your accessories. Don’t overdo it.


Consider going for classic clothes as opposed to trendy ones. Trendy outfits are seasonal in nature and they get out of fashion quickly. Also, say no to busy patterns. It’s also important to tell your photographer about the accessories you possess. For instance, if you have a watch, necklaces, etc—be sure to tell your photographer. He/she will advise you on the best way to pair them for the best photos.


Styling is an important component when it comes to pre-wedding photo shoot sessions. So, things like makeup, styling your hair, and polishing your nails can go a long way in making the photos more professional, natural, and exciting. So, take the time to style yourself. Remember, styling can make or break your photos. Talk to your stylist. Visit the nearby Berber shop. With styling, you have a chance to improve your looks and ultimately make your photos better.

Here is how to choose the best stylist:

  • Ask friends for referrals. This will get you a list of the best stylists in town
  • Read online reviews. There are numerous stylists online. Thus, choosing the best one can be challenging—especially if you are new in this field. That’s why you should read reviews of different stylists. Pay attention to negative reviews.
  • Ask your photographer to give you references
  • Do your research. Post your questions in online forums. With forums, you have a tool that will give you access to numerous options in your locality.


Have some props ready. For instance, if you have a classic car, take advantage of it. Also, if you have a nice motorbike, bring it into the game. It will add some great features to your photos. Alternatively, you can hire a nice car. It won’t cost you much. However, be sure to choose a color that perfectly fits your color scheme. If you don’t know where to start, you can ask your photographer for recommendations. You can also take recommendations from pop stars. Steal ideas from Hollywood stars—especially when it comes to the best poses and techniques. Above all, get creative. Don’t stick to one style. Try different poses. Also, take numerous shots. Don’t stick to one location.

Pre-Wedding Location Ideas

Want unique pre-wedding locations? Well, this article got you covered. The following locations are all you need to have those beautiful shots for your photo album. With these locations, you can achieve some f the best themes, wedding concepts, and even poses.

Monuments—want to illuminate that photo album of yours? Well, think about monuments. With monuments, you have locations that ooze with a lot of uniqueness. Thus, you will look wow in the photos. Moreover, your photographer can leverage on aspects like shadows to make your photos even more exciting.

Museums—you can also take your photo session to a local museum. Take photos and try to feature those historical aspects in museums.

Game Parks—you can also take photos with your most favorite wild animal. But be sure to ask for assistance from a tour guide.

BeachTake photos on the beach. Try to feature the tides and waves. Also, you can get into the water—it will bring tranquility into your photos.

Other Locations

You can also take photos in the following unique locations:

  • Swimming pool
  • Mountain top
  • Roadside

The Bottom-Line

Take wedding photos that you can be proud of. Store those memorable moments n a photo album with the above tips. From getting it right when it comes to timing to timing to choosing a perfect photoshoot location—these are the tips that will let you have fun with your wedding photos.


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Written by Nat Sauteed

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