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10 Best Clothing Styles for Short Women

There are so many posts about fashion problems for short women. While some of them are true, they are not the end of the story.

To overcome such issues, you need a nice clothing style that accentuates your other features and takes away the attention from your height.

It’s not even difficult. You just need to pair up the clothes in your closet with a tad bit of creativity. And as obvious as it sounds, don’t step back from doing some DIY wherever needed. Let’s get started.

1. Little Black Dress That Stops Mid-Thigh

Little black dress looks flattering on any body type and size.

A well-known rule is that short women should wear clothes that divide their bodies into 1:2 or 2:1 ratio, but not 1:1. Apply the same when shopping for your little black dress and go for the one that stops mid-thigh.

Use nude shoes to make your legs look longer. Black is a naturally slimming color and therefore, you have less to worry about.

2. Short Floral Dress With A Denim Jacket

Floral patterns give that touch of summer and short girls look cute in a floral dress. But don’t confine yourself to midi and maxi dresses. Short dresses are the ones that need your attention.

Pair a short floral dress with a denim jacket for an edgy look. Complete it with a simple bracelet and earrings. You can check out Gucci clothing for women to find yourself a fab denim jacket. You can also add some made-to-order enamel pins to make your outfit pop. You can easily find them online or from most of your local craft stores as well. However, if you want customized ones, they are only available from the manufacturers.

3. Jumpsuits With Vertical Stripes

Stripes can make a lot of difference than you think. Vertical stripes take less space than horizontal stripes. So, choose vertical striped dresses, particularly when shopping for jumpsuits. It elongates your figure creating an illusion that you’re taller.

The key to looking flattering in a jumpsuit is to wear the one that elevates your waistline.

4. Cropped Blouse With A High-Waist Skirt

Cropped blouses are a way to show off your midriff. But that’s not the only thing. Short women can wear cropped blouses with high-waist skirts for a bossy look.

Baring the midriff is a bad idea for short women as it makes them look shorter than they are.

5. Black Turtleneck With Blue High-Waist Jeans

All turtlenecks give an illusion of an elongated neckline. However, we recommend a dark black turtleneck for a no-fail chic look.

Pair it with blue high-waist jeans. Both the turtleneck and jeans should be form-fitting.

6. Slay It In Monochrome

Using many colors will divide your body into sections and make it appear smaller. But you don’t have to stick to one-piece dresses. Wearing a top and bottom of the same color (doesn’t necessarily have to be the same shade of the color) works fine.

Monochrome outfits create a column of colors and your body will seem elongated in them. To maintain this tone, match the shade of your shoes with the trousers/skirt.

7. Knee Length Sheath Dress With Kitten Heels

When shopping for a sheath dress, choose a knee-length one. It should trace your silhouette and give a lean look. If not, get a tailor to fix it.

Add some more height by pairing your outfit with kitten heels. Complete your look with an envelope clutch.

8. Wear V-line Tops With Pencil Jeans

V-line dresses make your upper body elongated. So, your bust looks compressed and your body looks proportioned. V-line tops are the perfect match for pencil jeans.

Even if you are petite and think your flabby legs don’t look good in pencil jeans, wearing a V-line top with them takes away their attention.

9. Asymmetrical Top And High-Waist Pants

Petite women can also follow the asymmetrical trend. In fact, asymmetrical clothes can hide your little tummy too. You can wear an asymmetrical top with high-waist pants.

To create a street style look, partly tuck the top into the pants. Style it with a necklace to highlight your collarbones. Wear pointed heels to appear taller.

10. Ruffled Top With Flared Trousers

Skinny jeans stop at the ankle and look great on toned legs. But they don’t add any length to your legs. The next option, boyfriend jeans work well if the fit isn’t too relaxed.

Flared trousers give a lean appearance to your calves adding length to your legs. Pair a ruffled top with well-fitting flared trousers for a voguish look.

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