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Bay of Naples: Heaven on Earth

The Bay of Naples is a must-visit for every tourist who wants a more profound introduction to Italian history, enjoys variety, and wants to explore the gruesome yet fascinating volcanic history of Pompeii. From a Sorrento to Procida day trip that you can easily book to guided tours of the underground Pompeii caves, it is all the adventure you can want! These are some reasons why the Bay of Naples is heaven on earth:

The volcanic wonder of Pompeii

We all have heard about the Roman city Pompeii being buried under the volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79. However, it has been brilliantly preserved in the Bay of Naples, and you can explore the quitter underbelly of Naples through guided tours of the underground tunnels! You will have a range of options: you can either bike around Pompeii or use the more family-friendly option of guided tours. Explore the wide range of artistic remnants, and be fascinated by their lifestyle! It will make you catch your breath and something that you can uniquely find on the Bay of Naples! Exactly that uniqueness is why Naples Bay is part of many organized Italian tours.

The vibrancy of Procida

The smallest island on the bay, it is well-known amongst tourists for the shockingly brightly coloured houses. From orange pastel to loud yellows and pinks, it blends masterfully with the scenic beauty of the Island. You will feel like you are alive in a painting. It also has some important churches like the Santa Maria Delle Grazie church for the history aficionado. You get to see colourful and historical regal buildings while enjoying a comparatively less crowded stroll down the streets of Procida!

It is a perfect opportunity to relax, let down your feet, and have a quiet yet interesting time with your family or friends! The solo tourist will never get tired of finding new things they can explore. It has a bit of everything for every person, and it truly is a tourist destination that should not be overlooked!

Local art: the wonder of Presepsi

Why else would you tour a place if not to experience those cultures’ unique customs and festivals? Neapolitans have been crafting nativity scenes way back in time, going as far as the 13th century. The truly welcoming part of witnessing this mix of local culture and art is that you will come across them on almost every corner and all year round. Even without Christmas lurking at the corner, you will see them everywhere, especially in the designated street called Christmas Alley.

Inviting and interactive, every nativity scene will have some peculiar detail that will give you an insight into the Italian culture and the individuals living it. The welcoming energy of the Neapolitan people makes the entire process that much more enjoyable!

Final Word:

To sum it up, the Bay of Naples is not only heaven on earth because of how relaxing it is. It is full of unique cultures and history that you cannot get anywhere else! So don’t miss out on visiting it!

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