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How Instagram is Helping Businesses Grow in 2021

Social media marketing is a massive industry and one that is worthy to pay attention to if you are starting a business or want your business to grow. Marketing has been upended by social media and the internet, as a result of the younger generation which has thrown away a lot of the formal rules of marketing. Traditional marketing doesn’t appeal to the youth who are surrounded by social media. Social media is anyone’s game now and businesses can definitely capitalize on this by marketing through Instagram, which is what we’ll be discussing in this article.

Massive audience

There is a massive audience that is on IG with close to a billion users who use the platform and have an account. This means the potential customers are there, you just have to find a way to reach them. One way to do this is by using an Instagram growth service, such as Growthsilo, that helps you reach real and active followers who potentially can become your customers.

The greatest thing about Instagram is that there are a lot of communities that are well-suited for every niche that you can find on the platform, such as health, fitness, beauty, and food to say the least. Some of the top niches, which are travel, food, fashion, and beauty, dominate the industry which is definitely something you should perhaps think about beforehand. The reason why it’s a benefit to be in front of so many people is that it creates attraction towards your account and enhances your overall reach.


So, first and foremost, we need to discuss how IG is convenient to most of the users on the platform which is what draws people to it. There are many ways in which it is convenient to the public, such as it being free for everyone to use, downloadable on both PC and mobile, it’s a portable application that can be used across different devices, and lastly, you can do it at any time. This convenience saves a lot of money in the long run and is a great plus for most businesses looking for a sustainable form of marketing.


Instagram gives you a space for authenticity, and essentially what this means is that if you are or represent the most authentic version of your product, you will attract people from various streams. The core reason why people love authenticity is that it allows users to have something which they can relate to and it makes them like the brand even more. As a result, this is how brands can utilize their love for informality through the various IG features that are found on the site and this is why it is so beneficial to remain as authentic as you can be.

Generating leads

Next, we’ll talk about how Instagram-generated leads can help boost the marketing of your account. In fact, you can actually post links on your profile and on your Stories, which will drive traffic to your account. In terms of how this works, there are many times where customers can go from discovering you to buying from you in just a couple of minutes through a good profile. This is great for your brand and can really bring you in front of so many more people.

Generating excitement

There are different kinds of content that you can post on Instagram as a business, such as tutorials, quotes, employee stories, testimonials, and a variety of unboxings. In terms of how you can go about using them, it differs for each of them. Tutorials are essentially videos or posts that explain to users how they can go about using your product.. All of this definitely generates excitement in your brand and your products, and the reason why this is so beneficial is that it boosts the traffic of your brand.

As you can evidently see, Instagram is a great tool for businesses to grow a brand on a wider scale. It’s a lot more convenient, there’s a massive audience, it’s authentic, it generates leads and it also generates excitement amongst the masses. These factors are exactly what brands are looking for, so if you really want to grow your Instagram then make sure to do so as soon as possible with social media marketing.

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