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Looking Fabulous With a Mommy-Makeover

For many women the thought of restoring a more youthful appearance sounds like a magical experience, especially after childbearing days are past. But many moms don’t know what kind of options are available to consider, or if certain goals can be achieved. The good news is the sky is almost the limit as to the many variations of makeovers that can be developed specifically for the individual.

An in-office procedural option is a perk that can save time and money depending on the number of procedures desired. Smaller surgical procedures benefit the body with a safer approach.

That said, more extenuating or additional surgeries are possible. For example, breast or buttocks augmentations, liposuction, labiaplasty and tummy tucks are very common additions to the mommy makeover dreams many women have an appetite for.

Safety First

As with any surgical procedure, safety is the number one priority. That means researching and working with a reputably qualified board-certified surgeon, and qualified medical staff who will explain all of the pros, and cons of desired surgical procedures.

When consulting with any surgical medical team, thoroughly answered questions should be expected as to the why’s of every surgical process, including pre-operative, and post-operative care.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, inquiries about FDA issues of changed or new labeling and informed-consent requirements for procedures, including age limitations involving breast implants or other surgical considerations should be identified.

Breast Enhancement

Each woman’s body is beautiful and unique, as are her makeover dreams and aspirations. Routine makeover preferences often consider the breasts and abdomen to be significant areas in need of addressing first. It is not unusual for these locations to struggle over time with gravity, excess or sagging fat and skin, and loss of elasticity.

Breast enrichment includes well-known surgical procedures for enhancing a woman’s physique. Frequently desired breast enrichment options comprise of breast augmentation, breast enlargement, breast reduction, breast reshaping, and balancing for a more symmetrical appearance.

The type of breast implant varies with personal taste, availability, technique and technological advancements. With so many breast implant options masterfully designed to create a patient’s most desirable look, careful consideration and planning consultations are recommended.

1. Smooth Breast Implants – Natural, gentle movement with a smoother feel makes this implant an easy choice. Depending on implant size and skin elasticity, some smooth implants may show rippling under the dermis.

2. Textured Breast Implants – Scar tissue developed from the textured implant is its intent and design for the body to adhere to the implant to reduce repositioning and movement.

3. Round Breast Implants – For a fuller look, round breast implants offer less rotation or movement with more projection, depending on the brand.

4. Gummy Bear Breast Implants – With a firmer and more viscous solution than regular saline, this implant is often referred as the “teardrop implant” or “form-stable implant” for a more natural shape. Its teardrop shape is a structural design that also holds its form well even if the shell or casing has been compromised.

5.Silicone Breast Implants – The silicone gel filler is best known for feeling more like actual breast tissue. If leakage occurs into the implant shell or implant pocket, the implant will not collapse. Regular implant assessment visits are recommended to assure proper functioning.

6. Saline Breast Implants – Sterile salt water implants offer a firm and natural feel. Saline is safely excreted from the body in the event of any leakage or implant collapse concerns.

7. Structured Saline Breast Implants – This implant type is identical to the standard saline breast implant, only with an additional inner structure that promotes an even more natural feeling.

Abdominal Make Overs

Women who desire a fitter, flatter, smoother tummy area have many options to choose from. Changes of this nature not only alter the look and feel of the tummy area; but also, of the entire body shape and size appearance. Moms and women all over the world understand this, which is why procedures like tummy tucks are so popular.

There is a host of methodology and technique which address abdominal adjustments, improvement and alternation. Not every surgical candidate will need enormous changes to make a difference, either. If more significant surgical changes are needed, however, any reputable plastic surgeon should be well-versed with every abdominal procedure available for the safety of their patient.

Good Candidates for Makeover Surgery

Clearly, surgery is a serious execution of trust, both mentally and physically. Recovery times are a crucial piece of the decisive-factor because every patient endures very personal solutions of initial planning and recovery stages. Health circumstances matter greatly.

1. Liposuction – Liposuction is a rewarding option for those wanting to minimize small fat deposits on hips, stomach, buttocks, hips and thighs according to

The procedure is not designed for obese people, or massive weight loss goals. Think of liposuction as lighter approach to lesser weight or sagging skin issues. Still, as a minimal surgical procedure, the body needs time to heal. Depending on the surgical circumstances, kindness to the body’s healing and swelling processes for eight weeks to six months is reasonable.

Remember, the body is a live and breathing entity that requires organic time to heal at its best. Laser liposuction could be a much speedier solution.

2. Tummy Tuck Specific

A tummy tuck is a fabulous accomplishment for specific abdomen-enhancing goals. That said, do not discount recovery and healing times for any surgical procedure. A tummy tuck can be minimally compared to other surgical procedures. But the body always needs time to recover from ANY surgical invasion.

A tummy tuck is a major surgery experience. Releasing the burden of sagging skin, excess fat deposits and other mommy-related abdominal circumstances make a tummy tuck more than worthwhile. In two or three weeks, beautiful recovery signs abound.

Ladies, self-love is a very personal decision. Daring to share the love of who you are is our privilege. Our team is meant for you.

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