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Discover The World: 9 Reasons You Should Visit Nepal In 2018

Nepal still isn’t a major tourist location, and I honestly cannot understand why. Nepal is an amazing country with hundreds of opportunities for ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experiences. Here are 9 reasons and first-person experiences showcasing why you should visit Nepal in 2018.

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#1 Friendly and Eclectic Culture

Nepal is an incredibly hospitable country, and guests are treated with honor. In both Kathmandu and other towns, the tourist spots are one and the same as the local hangout, giving both locals and visitors a chance to mix and mingle. There's no better way to appreciate a place than by listening and learning from those who live there.

As a primarily Hindu country with influences of Buddhism and Taoism, the cultural roots go back thousands of years. The sights, smells, and sounds of everyday rituals - like incense, bells, and oms - that go right into the beliefs and values of the people. You can learn from everyone you meet there, whether monks at a temple, your local tour guide, or a shopkeeper.

Contributors: Ashley Blake from Traverse Journeys

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#2 Affordable

If you're not going to Mt. Everest, that is! But otherwise, hotels, food and guides range from backpacker cheap to affordable luxury at a price much lower than any European, Australian or even South American trip might run you.  

Contributors: Ashley Blake from Traverse Journeys

  1. And, for relatively cheap, you can do a flight from Kathmandu to see Everest from the sky. The round flight takes about an hour or 2 and it is pretty cool to see the roof of the world!

#3 Authenic Experiences

My wife and I visited Nepal for two weeks a couple years ago. Out of all the places we have been, it was one of our favorites. One of the most authentic experiences we had was seeing the Nepal living goddess in Kathmandu. She only can be seen twice per day for a couple minutes in a window. Pictures are forbidden, which makes the experience extra special.

Contributors: Aimee & Jeff Moriarty from Mother's Family Rings

#4 Best Massage Ever

In Kathmandu, Nepal there's an incredible massage place that's staffed entirely by blind men and women. It was started as a way to provide work opportunities for the blind. I had several of the best massages of my life there.

Contributors: James Kaiser from JamesKaiser

#5 World Heritage Sites

There is no shortage of world heritage sites that can be visited including stupas, temples, and ancient cities. Some favorites include Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha; Patan, known as the fine arts capital of Nepal with its century-old temples, narrow walkways, and unique art; and Bhaktapur where you can learn about wood carving and pottery as well as explore Changu Narayan, the oldest temple in Nepal.

Contributors: Kate Mason from OneSeed Expeditions

#6 Amazing Food

The country's signature dish, dal bhat, is often enjoyed by locals for two meals a day. This delicious recipe of lentils and rice can be found throughout the country in every city, roadside rest stop, and tiny village. Unique spices and hearty portions make Nepali food a must - just don't forget to eat all the momos!

Contributors: Kate Mason from OneSeed Expeditions

#7 World Class Treking

Nepal boasts some of the most beautiful treks in the world thanks to the epic Himalayan mountain range. The world's eight highest mountains are in Nepal and can be seen from the trails and villages throughout the country. With so many options to choose from, anyone from the most experienced mountain climber to a day hike enthusiasts will marvel at the sheer size and beauty of the mountains.

Contributors: Kate Mason from OneSeed Expeditions

#8 Wildlife

Travel southwest of Kathmandu to Chitwan National Park to see some of the best wildlife viewing Nepal has to offer. Take a jeep or elephant safari to spot rhinos, elephants, musk deer, crocodiles, more than 200 species of birds, and a Bengal tiger if you’re really lucky.

Contributors: Kate Mason from OneSeed Expeditions

#9 See It Before It’s Gone

As global temperatures continue to rise, glaciers recede and valleys change shape. Like the rest of the world’s wild places, the Himalayan Mountains are experiencing these changes at an increasing rate. There's no telling what the future has in store, but experiencing Nepal in all of its snow-capped brilliance should be part of yours.

Contributors: Kate Mason from OneSeed Expeditions

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