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How Can I Live A More Fulfilled Life? 20 Small Things You Can Do

Maybe you feel stuck, lost or just plain bored. Feeling unfilled in life is something that happens to the best of us. There is a hell of a lot of things out there, so why are we limiting ourselves? Here are 20 small things you can do to feel more fulfilled in life.

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#1 Our thoughts become things

When we focus on the lack, it brings in more feelings of lack. If you want to feel more fulfilled then your thoughts have to be aligned as well. On average, 80% of our thoughts are negative and 95% of our thoughts are repetitive. These thought habits are subconscious BUT if we can become more AWARE of our daily thoughts, then be purposeful in changing them into more empowering, loving thoughts, imagine how your life will transform?! Write down your negative thoughts on paper when they come up and flip the switch on them. Do this for 1 week. 

Contributors: Theresa Nguyen from More Time More You, LLC

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#2 Find and create joy


Studies show happiness can protect your heart, strengthen your immune system, combat stress (as well as disease and disability), and lengthen your life. Spend time with friends and family, help and serve others and develop skills and creative hobbies. 

Contributors: Jennifer Bowman from Life, Hope & Truth 

#3 Be thankful

Gratitude has been the subject of many studies, revealing the dramatic effect it has on every other part of our being. It provides health benefits, mental strength, positive effects in relationships, increased empathy, better sleep and more. Common suggestions to foster gratitude are praying, keeping a gratitude journal, sitting down once a week to count our blessings, meditating and writing thank-you notes. 

Contributors: Jennifer Bowman from Life, Hope & Truth 

#5 Daily Yoga Routine

I have had a simple yoga practice as part of my daily routine for many years now. Its impact on my overall life satisfaction has been immense. On really tough days I do my practice as a routine activity and more often than not, it improves the day for me. Similarly, on really happy days, the yoga practice brings balance and a deeper sense of joy. It could be just 15 minutes right after waking up. Or it could be much longer practice, but I believe a simple yoga practice added to the daily routine would add value to everyone's life. Consider it a mental hygiene activity like brushing the teeth. 

Contributors: Priyanka Dalal from PriyankaWriting

#6 Be Decisive

Being unable to make a decision can drive anyone up the wall. By merely setting an intention to be mindful, yet definite when making decisions, will allow for more calm and ultimately fulfilling choices in all areas of life. 

Contributors: Kenya Moses from Be A Fit Mama

#7 Supportive Notes

Place simple, supportive sticky-notes all around you-on the bathroom mirror, the fridge, and in your car. For example, if you are trying to exercise more, a sticky note might read, Go for a 10 minute walk after work! You can do it! You'll feel SO much better! These uplifting messages will help remind you of your abilities and your goals.

Contributors:  Carla Marie Manly from DrCarlaManly  

#9 Play Piano

What I do to feel more fulfilled in life is play piano. Its fun, something I look forward to doing and playing an instrument has been scientifically proven to engage practically every area of the brain at once especially the visual, auditory, and motor cortices so it gets my mental capacity going. Its like a mental full body workout

Contributors: Gene Caballero from GreenPal, Inc

#10 Get a pet!

My life changed when I got my dog, Huck. His unending love and support are critical, but so are his needs. Forcing myself to get up early, break in the middle of my day and talk long evening walks have brought a connection with nature and my body that has been life changing. 

Contributors: Kristina Libby from Lōhm

#11 Look for the lesson

We learn from each experience. As you are going through the ups and downs of life it helps to look for the lessons. Take a moment when something wonderful or something difficult comes your way and ask yourself what did I learn? This quick moment of reflection helps you to bring the bigger picture into focus. 

Contributors: Angel M. Hoodye from Flourishing Hope Counseling

#12 Redirect your focus

Take a moment and look at all of the things that have gone well in your life. Count all the battles you have won. When you reflect over all of your success instead of all the failures you sense of accomplishment increases. Spending time focusing on all the things you have done well builds an attitude of being victorious and not a victim in life. 

Contributors: Angel M. Hoodye from Flourishing Hope Counseling

#15 Use the Last 15 Minutes of Your Work Day: Organize Your Thoughts

At the end of every single day, I make a list of what I accomplished at work that day, a list of what I hope to accomplish when I get home, and lastly a list of what I hope to accomplish at work the next day. It may seem odd that I include a list for my personal life, but I find dedicating this time each day, helps me keep all aspects of my life balanced and organized, and this is reflected in my work. Usually my lists will include a few large tasks and a few small tasks. It can be something as large and vague as contribute to such-and-such project, or something as small and specific as bring donuts to work tomorrow.

I will often refer back to these notes throughout the following days, and it encourages me to track my productivity/accomplishment. Impostor syndrome has been a popular buzz word lately when talking about things that trouble modern, successful women, and I can definitely relate. When I start to feel as though I am not keeping up or contributing enough to my team, I go through my lists and find tangible accomplishments, and look for more ways that I can add on.To anyone that is looking for a way to feel more grounded in their work and personal life and defeat feelings of impostor syndrome, try this technique.

Contributors: Laurelei Litke from HealthLabs

#18 Be Passionate

To be passionate is to pour energy into something that brings you excitement, balance and joy. Whether it is a career, hobby or family you are passionate about, you can be sure that it will lead you to a more fulfilling life. 

Contributors: Kenya Moses from Be A Fit Mama

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