11 Gifts For Your Art Obsessed Friends (That They Will Actually Use)

If you want to get a jump start on finding a gift for your art obsessed friend, then look no further than this article. Here are 11 gifts your artsy friend will love.

#1 Budsies

Budsies take a drawing, piece of artwork or an original character and turn them into a custom, handmade stuffed animal. People of all ages love to see their art creations brought to life! 

Contributors: Alex Furmansky from Budsies 

  1. If you see what a normal customer would get than it is not a good place to get your custom plushies, your better off buying from Etsy, or get a person to make one for you

#2 Functional Art

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Especially appealing for any sex and a wide variety of ages are the Zippered Carry-Alls available in 4 sizes and starting at just $20. They are perfect for protecting your personal electronics, using as an oversized wallet or clutch, or organizing just about anything from supplies to papers. Designs include dreamy watercolors, florals, landscapes and abstracts. 

There is something for any art obsessed friend. You have the choice of vegan colored leather tabs in brown or black and can add a vegan leather strap for a minimal amount. US orders are shipped from the US. The company that produces my printed work is North American based and drop ships all over the world. 

Contributors: Karen June Booth from Art Of Where

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#3 BANDITS bandanas

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BANDITS is a new artist-driven, socially conscious brand determined to bring the world a BETTER bandana. Our bandanas feature original, never-before-seen designs created by artists from all over the world. The bandanas are hand-made in Bali from 100% cotton, pre-washed for an ultra soft feel, and tested for long-lasting durability 

Contributors: Connor Humphreys from Bandits Bandanas 

  1. Also – for very bandana we sell, BANDITS contributes 10% of proceeds to a charity chosen by the design artist! Thanks for checking us out!

#4 Original artwork

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Original artwork makes a great gift for anyone, on any occasion. It doesn't have to be expensive either! Sites like RedDot Culture offer original and limited edition works by emerging artists from around the world that are affordable AND sophisticated. The carefully curated selection includes pieces at a variety of price points, sizes, and subjects.

Contributors: Lily Stone from RedDot Culture 

#5 Toujours L’amour

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Here is a piece of art that could become a great conversation piece...and you could put it in your living room, your bedroom or even your bathroom. The original is in alabaster, however, bronze pieces are available.

Contributors: Robert Barrows from R.M. Barrows, Inc. Advertising & Public Relations 

#6 Copperlumi

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We are copperlumi, creators of inspiring hand-crafted copper lamps. All our lamps are individually hand made with locally sourced materials and to the highest possible standards. With a move away from modern, mass production and that pesky plastic that just ends up in the ocean, copperlumi strives to produce a product that is not only exceptionally versatile, but also sustainable.

Contributors: Erik Mudge from copperlumi

#9 Batik Art

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Inspired by the beauty of the Western landscape, Jackson Hole based artist, Abby Paffrath, has created super unique, funky, one of a kind hats using a traditional Indonesian art form known as Batik; a wax resist dye technique used to create images and patterns on fabrics. 

A bright take on wildlife and nature images, it’s easy to see Abby’s deep-seated love of the great outdoors. Colorful animals, winding rivers, exploding sunsets, crashing waves...Art 4 All inspires you to get up, get out and go explore! With hats and accessories for guys, gals and kids, Art 4 All is a shoo-in for top gift of the year! 

Contributors:  Katie Rose Cronin from Art 4 All by Abby Paffrath 

#10 Contemporary Art

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Contemporary Art has been breaking auction records over the last decade. Owning a work of art by an artist you've seen grace the walls of a museum is only for the wealthy. Or is it? Contemporary artist James F Dicke, as seen in the Las Vegas Museum, NASA's corporate collection, the Smithsonian, etc. would make a great gift this holiday season, and one you can afford.

Contributors: James F. Dicke II from James Dicke Art

#11 Benjamin Ewing Art

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Ewing’s recent canvas works aim to capture feelings of rest and intimacy while sharply portraying the tension we face in everyday life. These works are intended to force the viewer to move around them as light changes throughout the day, actively engaging all three parties; the viewer, sunlight & the work itself.

Contributors: Tappan Art Collective 

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Written by Ben Skute

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