4 Perfect Gifts For Broadway Lovers | Best Broadway Gifts

Theatre people are really picky but fear not. We have gathered together 4 gifts that the Broadway lover in your life is sure to love.

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#1 Broadway Musical Theater Posters Wine Glass Charms

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EssenTiles are affordable custom wine charms created from actual Scrabble tile game pieces. You can choose absolutely any Broadway show to create a custom collection of charms. If wine charms won’t do, we can make earrings, pendants, keychains, rear-view mirror charms, and more.

Contributor: Hilory Wagner from EssenTiles Wine Charms & Gifts

#2 Refloxology Acupressure Pressure points massage slippers

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This will be a perfect gift as the slippers look absolutely stylish and will be beneficial for their health.

Contributor: Sandeep from JESSICA & ZARA

#3 Avery Bond 43″ SILENT Continental Deluxe Piano

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PianoPiano, the #1 piano rental company in NYC offers luxury, beautiful piano rentals at affordable prices, and will be offering a special limited-time holiday package for music-lovers. For some Broadway background, PianoPiano has placed pianos in Broadway’s biggest shows and for the brightest stars, ranging from leads in Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, Hamilton, Sara Bareilles, Jennifer Hudson, and many more.

Contributor: Alexandra from 5WPR 

#4 We Can Be Kind by David Friedman

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The world is changing at lightning speed, and meaningful connections are increasingly elusive. We Can Be Kind is a course in compassion from a beloved composer for Disney Films and Broadway, a Today Show regular, and a Unity Church spiritual leader.

David Friedman, the creator of the hit song We Can Be Kind, offers a powerful reminder of how we need to treat each other, from children to the family to coworkers as well as strangers, neighbors, and those across the political aisle. Through story, meditation, and suggestions of kindness, Friedman encourages us to create new ways of building community.

Using the practice of kindness, we become most fully connected, alive, and integrated.

Contributor: Christina McCall from Mango Publishing

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Written by Ben Skute