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11 Perfect Gift Ideas for Photographers | Gifts for Photographers

Finding the perfect gift for your photographer friend can be a challenge, well, search no more. Here are 11 awesome gifts that they are sure to love.

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#1 Nature Photography Camera Key-chain

These easy open keychains are a functional gift that identifies the owner as a color or black and white nature photographer. Their price point makes them great stocking stuffers. 

Contributor: Cathy Stein from Eclectic Design Choices 

#2 SeaLife Micro 2.0 WiFi Double Duty Camera

This underwater camera does double duty, taking amazing photos on land as well as under the sea. The pictures you can take with this camera are clear, high quality, and vibrant. Social media enthusiasts will be guaranteed triple-digit likes. The best part about it is it’s easy to pack and won’t add much weight to your suitcase. 

Contributor: Lindsay Lynch from SeaLife Cameras.

#3 Ergonomic and Customizable Camera Straps For DSLR Cameras

we are known for our stylish, ergonomic and customizable camera straps for DSLR cameras (called Fotostraps). Because they can be personalized with a monogram, initials or business logo, they make fantastic holiday gifts for photographers. They are made with genuine leather and brass hardware, and come in a variety of leather and canvas styles. 

Contributor: Jodi Phillip from FOTO

#4 Johansen Totes Bellbrook Camera and Laptop Backpack

A great gift for a photographer is a new camera bag. No matter if you buy something small or large there is always a time that warrants having less or more gear with you, and a bag is always a good thing to have with you. 

One in particular, especially for a female photographer is the Johansen Camera Bag, which is perfect for any photographer, wedding, landscape, portrait, as a book bag is easy to carry in any situation. 

Contributor: Hilary Hull from Hilary Hull Photography

#5 MagMod Professional Flash Kit

This Mag Mod professional flash kit is a perfect gift for photographers this holiday season. It’s newly released and full of all kinds of exciting accessories like a bounce, sphere and creative gels. My friend came to meet me at a camera store as I was picking up my own, and immediately purchased one for himself with no hesitation! If you’re not convinced, it’s unique magnetic design makes it a universal fit so you don’t have to stress about what kind of flash head your photographer currently owns! 

Contributor: Chelsey Boll from Chelsey Boll Photography

#6 Pex Photo Printing

Pex is the perfect service for photographers who take a lot of pictures on their smartphones. This text to print service lets you text pictures from your phone and receive prints shipped to your address. There are a variety of print sizes to choose from at affordable prices. 

Contributor: Ben Gold from Pex 

#7 Wexel Art Double Panel Grade Acrylic Floating Frame

An innovative, easy-change way to display photos, kids’ art, signs & more with powerful magnets & floating acrylic, perfect for a budding photographer! Austin-based Wexel Art encourages you to change your display as often as you change your mind. 

They feature a single panel of acrylic floating on sleek silver or gold wall mounts. The magic is that sets of strong magnets hold art of any shape behind the acrylic, imparting a high-end look to your display. Easy to hang and use, they look great with any decor because your photographs take center stage. 

Contributor: Katie Rose Cronin from Wexel Art

#8 BenQ 27 inch 4K PhotoVue Photographer Monitor

Even though photographers have endless options when it comes to choosing the right monitor, there’s one factor that they’re no longer willing to compromise on – 4K resolution. As the digital space transition continues to take over, 4K resolution is a must in order for photographers to expand their digital skillsets.

BenQ, a world-leading human technology solutions provider, designed a monitor that truly exceeds the photography industry’s expectations, both in looks and capabilities. The SW271 not only shows extraordinary clarify of fine details thanks to 4K UHD, but also:

  • Uses the latest USB-C port to transmit video and data with only one cable.
  • Implements the Palette Master element and a calibrator so users can tune and maintain color performance at the most optimal state.
  • Enables users to view content side-by-side in different color spaces through GamutDuo.
  • Lets users switch between Adobe RGB, sRGB and Black & White modes effortlessly with its hotkey puck.
  • Comes with a detachable shading hood to combat screen glare.

Contributor: BenQ

#10 Chip Paints Portrait

Chip Paints uses AI technology to turn photographs into paintings rendered in the style of artists like Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet - or literally any artist a customer may choose. Once the customer is satisfied with the painting, we place the image on mugs, canvas wraps, or posters for them to enjoy. 

Our products are completely custom, and are an ideal gift for photographers who may want to commemorate one of their favorite shots in a unique way. Additionally, access to our API is also available for commercial purchase, so you can give the photographers on your shopping list the gift of additional business opportunities. 

Contributor: Jillian Weidner Organisation from Chip Paints 

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Written by Ben Skute