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14 Exquisite Gifts That Will Thrill The Taste Buds Of A Tequila Lover (2019)

Don’t hold back until National Tequila Day to gift your favorite tequila drinker a creative, fun cocktail that’s sure to blow their minds. Looking for something he or she hasn’t tried before, our extensive list of tequila gifts has the answers you desperately seek.

Your tequila-inspired shenanigans may not be your proudest moments, but hell will freeze over before you swear off the good stuff completely. Or perhaps we aren’t referring to you, but that special friend you know whose love for tequila knows no bounds.

Hey, but who’s asking? We all let ourselves go at some point. Life’s too short. Which is why when it’s time to indulge, the tequila has to be good. Nay, spectacular. Something for the highlight reel.

Where could you find pointers you ask? Here! The fantastic tequila gift ideas below are guaranteed to keep tequila lovers, cocktail fans (head to margaritaville on an Interstate), and liquor aficionados in their cups.

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#1 Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

The best gift for tequila lovers is a set of Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses. They naturally add salt to your drink and naturally resist the growth of bacteria. Simply wipe clean and store in a cool, dry place. I love to grill Mesquite Lime Steak on a Himalayan Salt Block and serve Tequila Shots in these Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses. All tequila lovers will love these glasses!

Contributor: Gina Ferwerda from Nom News

#2 Tequila Avion Silver

Tequila Avion Silver is a small batched highland agave forward tequila with crisp fruit-forward tasting notes. This unaged spirit has aromas of fresh roasted agave and has tasting notes of grapefruit, pineapple and black pepper.. 

This expression won The San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2012 for “Best Tasting Tequila” AND “Best Unaged Spirit,” beating out vodkas, rums and gins! If you really want to impress any tequila connoisseurs in your life try gifting a canister & bottle of Tequila Avion Silver! 

Contributor: Ciarra Lee from KLG PR

#3 Tequila Avion Reposado

Tequila Avion’s Reposado is a small batch highland agave forward tequila that has been aged for a total of 6 months (3x longer than industry standard). With notes of warm spices and dried fruit like cherry, peach and pear. It packs a punch with its 40% AVB, but because it’s made with single-origin agave the fear of a hangover completely dissipates!

Contributor: Ciarra Lee from KLG PR

#4 Tequila Avion Añejo

Avión Añejo Tequila, is aged for two years (twice the requirement), and as a result has a rich amber color along with an aroma of burnt agaves, peaches and persimmon. The palate is filled with flavors of toasted wood, vanilla and caramel, and leads to an incredibly smooth finish marked by maple, coconut and and lemon squares.

Contributor: Ciarra Lee from KLG PR

#5 Avion Reserva 44

Avion Reserva 44 is hand bottled in and carefully filled into a fire-polished, luxurious crystal bottle. It’s the perfect gift for any tequila lover and requires no pesky wrapping! Avion Reserva 44 is crafted in the highlands town of Jesus Maria, Mexico and enclosed in a uniquely crafted luxury gift box. Avion Reserva 44 has the distinctive character of Avion Agave with hints of warm vanilla, ripe luscious fruits and a touch of spice—the hallmark of Avion fine tequila. 

Contributor: Ciarra Lee from KLG PR

#9 G.U.S. Eco-Friendly Bamboo Tequila Tasting Set

Tequila never goes out of style for the 21 and up crowd and neither will the new Bamboo Tequila Tasting Set from The best gift for entertaining, foodies and great hosts, this Set transforms into an instant tasting station and includes six ceramic cups, a knife to slice limes and a bamboo cutting board--just add salt and tequila! Beautifully crafted from bamboo with premium leather handles, this Tequila Tasting Set is an all-inclusive party waiting to happen!

Contributor: Karen Block from GreatUsefulStuff 

#12 Tres Agaves Organic Margarita Mix

One of the best tasting mix on the market because it relies on authentic, real ingredients: organic agave nectar, organic lime juice, and pure filtered water, providing just the right balance of sweet and sour to complement Tequila's unique taste profile. Winner of Beverage Testing Institute's Award for Excellence, one of their highest ever ratings. 

Contributor: Tres Agaves from

#14 Tres Agaves Organic Cocktail Ready Agave Nectar

A delicious, USDA certified organic, low-calorie sweetener that comes from the same plant as Tequila, making it the essential Margarita ingredient. It's also balanced with just enough purified water so that it dissolves easily in all cold beverages, unlike other honey-like agave sweeteners. Just add Tres Agaves Tequila + fresh squeezed limes for real, fresh, great-tasting Margaritas or switch it up to create other delicious cocktails!

Contributor: Tres Agaves from

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Written by Ben Skute