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Explore The Largest Lighthouses In The World

Lighthouses have been a beacon of light and hope for people around the world for hundreds and hundreds of years. Symbolising the opportunity and potential of arriving safely at a new location, lighthouses have engraved themselves into world history in more ways than one. With the world shrinking and new movements and opportunities arising around the world, the size and impressive stature of these buildings rose and rose as records were made and were broken with one building. Now turning into more tourist-based attractions, these are some of the largest and most impressive lighthouses in the world.

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#1 Jeddah Light

First constructed in 1990 and made primarily from concrete and steel supports, the Jeddah Light is as stunning as it is effective on the Saudi Arabian coast. Sporting the sleek and contemporary design, it has a seriously credible claim for being the very biggest of lighthouses in the world. Standing at a mighty 436 feet (133 metres), it makes for an instantly recognisable and easily spotted feature of the Jeddah area. 

#2 Perry Memorial Lighthouse

Taking three years to build between 1912 and 1915 in Put-in-Bay in Ohio, Perry's Victory and International Memorial commemorates all those that fought and died at the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812. Celebrating the lasting peace between the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada following the conflict, the site is the only international peace memorial owned by the United States Parks and is 47 feet taller than the Statue of Liberty in New York. The remains of three American officers and three British officers continue to lie underneath this impressive monument. 

#3 Yokohama Marine Tower

Standing at 106 metres tall with an observation deck at 100 metres, Yokohama Marine Tower is the tallest lighthouse in Japan. Constructed in 1961, the lighthouse is known for its distinctive flash of alternating red and green lights inbetween a twenty second interval. Yokohama Marine Tower has carved itself out as a national icon through its fairly extensive media appearences, ranging from Godzilla blockbusters, to Digimon. Once proclaimed the tallest lighthouse in the world, on a clear day visitors can make out the beautiful sight of Mount Fuji. 

#4 Statue of Liberty

A beacon for independence, freedom and liberty as well as being one of the most buildings in the entire world, the Statue of Liberty was once the tallest structure in the world and still stands at just under a hundred metres. From the iconic copper plating to the date of independence inscribed on her book, the Roman goddess was a gift from the people of France to the people of the United States. Firmly stamped down in the history books, the Statue of Liberty was often the first thing immigrants migrating to the United States saw as the came into the harbour, helping to lay the foundations for what would become the American Dream. 

#5 Île Vierge

Île Vierge lies off the north coast of Brittany and marks out the very last reaches of the south west of the English channel and boasts the world's largest 'traditional' lighthouse. Constructed from stone rather than the likes of concrete, there is a robust and archaic charm that arises from Île Vierge's lighthouse as it towers 82.5 metres in the sky. Actually the sight of two lighthouses despite its small size, the region was only purchased by the French in 1844. 

#6 Lighthouse of Genoa

Boasting one of the proudest and most stunning histories of any monument in the entire world, the Lighthouse of Genoa remains not only a key instrument for the port's naval navigation, but also is a vital feature of the area's identity. At one time the largest lighthouse in the world and one of the tallest traditional buildings still in operation today, the masonry make up of the building blends into the natural rock it is built on beautifully. With only the city's coat of arms painted onto the bulk of the building, its traditional beauty and charm keeps it an inviting part of Italy's pull. 

#7 Lesnoy Mole Rear Range Light

Not only the tallest lighthouse in the entire region of Russia, the Lesnoy Mole Rear Range Light has the proud right to call itself the largest range light in the world. Constructed in 1986, the Lesnoy Mole Rear Range Light guides all navigation traffic into the bustling port of Saint Petersburg, the second largest city in Russia and located right in the north east of the expansive country. Surrounded by industry in the city's dockyard, it stands at 73 metres and makes for an impressive monument. 

#8 Mulantou Lighthouse

Located in the tropical and southern most part of China, the Hainan province boasts the fifth tallest lighthouse in the world and the tallest in the country in the Mulantou Lighthouse. Built in 1995 during the boom of the Chinese economy, the Mulantou is known for its distinctive white flashes every fifteen seconds and stands at 88 metres. With its trademark white concrete coupled with red paint, the Mulantou features one of the largest observation levels of any lighthouse in the world. 

#9 Cordouan Lighthouse

Found 4.3 miles out at sea near the Gironde estuary in France, the 68 metre tall Cordouan Lighthouse puts itself in the top ten largest traditional lighthouses in the world. Built between 1584 and 1611, it is easily France's oldest lighthouse despite the fact that it is still in operation to this day. Featuring some of the very finest in Renaissance architectural designs, it was the first recorded lighthouse to install a due for ships to pass. Manned firstly by a religious hermit when the region was owned by the English, the area around the building was expanded on greatly to include features such as an abbey and would become an important part of preserving the Bordeaux wine trade. 

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