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The Very Best of Bloc Party – Get Your Pulse Going

Featuring ear-shattering drums that never fail to get your pulse going, guitar rifts that continually sound fresh and vocals that capture the soul of an entire cultural generation, Bloc Party are one of the most exciting and awe-inspiring bands to have emerged from the British alternative music scene.

Drawing upon influence from artists right across music history, whilst simultaneously adding in their own original and sometimes experimental touches, their musical skill on show is arguably what separates them out from any other artist in the market today.

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#1 Bloc Party – Banquet

Undoubtedly just one heck of a cool song, Banquet is one of the band's most successful songs to date and will be recognizable to some listeners out there already.

Featuring a slightly atmospheric ambiance to the tune and coupled brilliantly with a snare-heavy bit of drum-work, this single revolves around the struggles people go through in growing up in today's world. Tackling the issues of individuality in an adult world, its relatability is only matched by its musical technique.

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#2 Bloc Party – Helicopter

One of the rawest and most powerful soundtracks to have emerged from the entire music scene in the last fifteen years or so, 'Helicopter' is the encapsulation of a new generation's anger and resentment to the growing world around them.

From issues like the war in the Middle East to the rise of fast food chains across the globe, the pulsating drumbeat goes hand in hand with the rough sounding guitar play is enough to get any listener's adrenaline rushing. Easily Bloc Party's best true rock sound, the sound is almost inescapable.

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#3 Bloc Party – Waiting For the 7.18

Whimsical and nostalgic, there is an underlying beauty to 'A Weekend In The City''s third song. Blending in a huge eruption of wonderfully composed sounds, this song never loses sight of its true nature.

Relatable to anyone who hates their job and longs for their freer days to return, Matt Tong's drumming once again drives the entire sound and it's up and down build up will only leave you disappointed when the song does have to come to a close.

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#4 Bloc Party – Better Than Heaven (Intimacy)

One of Bloc Party's most overtly spiritual and, in some forms, longing towards the idea of religion, Better Than Heaven is probably the very best Intimacy as an album has to offer.

Starting with a tense build-up, the eventual drop into one of the best and fullest heavy-hitting anthems at the end of the song makes for one of the most exciting and equally rewarding pieces of music you're ever likely to hear. There's a unison in the way the band performs the song that will never fail to make you lose yourself in the music.

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#5 Bloc Party – “Octopus” Frenchkiss Records

The very best sound on 'Four' and fittingly its lead single as well, Octopus is Bloc Party at their very measured best. Featuring the best of Russell Lissack on guitar, the rifting that precludes one of the sweetest solos in Bloc Party's entire catalog makes for a great introduction into the album.

Proclaimed by many fans as Bloc Party's return to form, the falsetto vocals supplied by Kele Okereke and the drumming by Tong unite the song brilliantly and make for an exhilarating ride.

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#6 Bloc Party – Blue Light

A potentially heartbreakingly beautiful song, 'Blue Light' is up there with some of the very best lyric writing over the last twenty years. Kele Okereke's whimsical and touching vocals are only slightly engulfed by a delayed and atmospheric guitar sound that will make you lose yourself in the song.

As the slowness gives way to one of the best bridges Bloc Party have ever produced, there is a sense of triumph in the way the music delivers the fast beats. The chiming of Lissack's guitar will leave such a beautifully memorable note engraved on your mind that you'll find it ridiculously hard not to instantly replay this song.

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#7 Bloc Party – Hunting For Witches

A return to the disenfranchised and angry side of Bloc Party, the uncompromising and principled nature of 'Hunting For Witches' established it as one of the best representatives for the new generations attitudes towards the world around them.

Slating the harsh and unfair nature of society following the war on terror, the sound gets progressively louder, harsher and harder on the ears as the tension and anger wrap up more and more. Okereke's clever lyrics coupled with the hard-hitting nature of the music makes it a beautifully composed ton of rage.

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#8 Bloc Party – This Modern Love

Another fan, critic and media favourite, 'This Modern Love' is one of the best love songs to have ever come out of the alternative music scene. The shimmering and open guitar effects, coupled with a sweet and almost innocent sound of a glockenspiel encapsulates the world of young love in a manner that only Bloc Party could ever accomplish.

Truly a classic in its own right, the open and exposed nature of the song will be a refreshing listen to anyone hearing it, leaving you breathless from its fast paced and with a massive grin across your lips.

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#9 Bloc Party – The Prayer

Very few songs capture the creativity and originality that only Bloc Party possess quite like 'The Prayer'. Blending together the sounds of alternative rock with electronic soundtracks, it finds the perfect middle ground between the two to create a fresh and genuinely brilliant piece of music.

With plenty of hidden references and messages that only several listens will yield, the clever lyrics of Okereke are truly put on show here and they couple themselves up beautifully with the energetic nature of his fellow band members.

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#10 Bloc Party – Ion Square

The frenzied and electro-heavy sound that surrounds 'Ion Square' makes for not only the best send off to a Bloc Party album, but it also makes it into a list of their very best sounds ever. The atmospheric nature of such a hypnotic swirl in keys and synths makes it one of those songs that would be so easy to lose yourself in.

Okereke's vocals sound almost dream-like across the entire song and the nature of the song eludes to something deeper than most of us would ever think about without it. Despite the heavy electro sounds and fast drums, there is an elegant beauty to the song, however, and one that we as an audience never get tired of hearing.

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