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Style Advice: 7 Tips For Looking Your Best In The Workplace

Working a healthy wardrobe into an outfit that’s fit for your workplace is an issue that thousands upon thousands of working women have to contend with every single week. Below are some of the finest expert tips amassed to help eliminate the stresses of attempting to look your best in the workplace environment.

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#1 Have Fun With Colours

Keeping outfits business casual doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with colors. Pairing a neutral color such as black pants with a bolder top like a fuchsia blouse can be a way to work in some color but still keep the overall look tailored for a business atmosphere.

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#2 Jackets

To dress it up a bit more, throw on a jacket over the blouse. Always have a jacket on hand. A neutrally colored blazer/jacket allows you to quickly take your look from business casual to all business in a snap. You can throw it on over a sleeveless dress or a blouse/pant combination. No need to bring it back and forth from work--just keep it in your office so it’s handy when you get called into a last-minute meeting. The jacket doesn’t have to be a suit jacket, but it should be tailored to fit your body.

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#3 Shoes

With regard to shoes, the open-toed variety can still fit into a business casual category, as long as they have an overall dressier look (and your toes are well manicured)--anything bordering on flip-flops, slip-ons or on-the-go/walking sandals are still a no-no.

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#4 Keep Purses Professional

Purses can say a lot about their owners. Oversized bags and totes stuffed with what appears to be a woman’s entire room may send the message that she is disorganized.

A simple solution is to purchase a medium-sized, classic purse that can store the essentials and won’t look like you’re carrying all of your belongings. If you need to bring a tote to work because you, for example, head to the fitness center right after work, place the purse inside and keep the tote at your desk, bringing the purse to professional lunches and out of the office meetings.

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#5 Shop Smart

Have a focused shopping list always. Access what you currently have in your closet and whether to Keep, Alter, Donate or Discard. No shopping with friends, family members or alcohol. All three can be a lot of fun, but do you take them to work with you? This type of shopping is work and focus is necessary.

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#6 Always Carry Red Lipstick

Anyone can wear red lipstick. It comes in a multitude of shades with undertones of blue, orange, purple, pink, fuchsia and of course, pure red as well as many many formulas from matte to glossy and velvet to stain. This red lipstick is the perfect pick me up during the day and as you are transitioning into the evening.

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#7 Plan Your Outfits

Planning ahead is key every week, should determine what you have on your calendar and pick outfits for the week based on what you have going on like big meetings, work in the office, work offsite etc. You should also plan back up outfits for in case the weather changes or you feel bloated or anything pops up. So that everyday you get up and know what you are going to wear and all you have to do is get dressed and go!

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