Home Cooking: How To Make Meals EVERY Night

The temptation to call in a takeaway or pull out some sort of frozen ready meal at the end of a hard day can be tempting even for the healthiest and keenest cooks out there, no matter how aware we are of the monetary hits they bring. 

Below we spoke to several leading insights across the field for all of their best tips on what we can all do to ensure we’re enjoying the benefits of healthy, home cooking every single night. 

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#1 Plan Ahead

What I do is plan my weekly menu ahead of time (Sat or Sun) and make a list of all the ingredients I need for those dishes. I do 1 major shop on Sundays and buy everything I need for the week. Being part of a startup means that we're extremely time starved but I'm a big proponent of eating all my meals at home during the week so this really helps me stay on track because I'm not wondering what to make each day and because of decision fatigue, end up ordering take out or dining out.

Contributor: Cynthia Huang from

#2 Cook Once, Eat Twice

Cook once, eat twice. I find that meal prep can be intimidating for a lot of people. I have my clients start by just making double of their dinner, so they can enjoy it for lunch or dinner the next day.

Contributor: Erin Assenza from

#5 Keep Things Simple

Cooking does not have to be complicated. You can stir fry a couple packages of frozen vegetables with some strips of pork loin and a couple of Tablespoons of sauce of your choice, serve it over a grain, and you'll have a pretty good meal for your whole family that took very little time.

Contributor: Summer Yule from 

#6 Utilise Slow Cooking

In addition to meal planning, utilizing a slow cooker is also a great way to make sure you cook. Slow cooker recipes are simple to put together and you can let it cook all day without much fuss.

Try to make simple meals rather than extravagant ones. Most people would be much more apt to make a simple meal after a hard day's work versus a complicated one that takes hours.

Contributor: Eric Gustafson from

#7 ‘Meal Planning Sunday’

Every week I set aside Sunday for some meal planning basics. I take inventory of the refrigerator, do a grocery run, and plan out anything I want to make ahead of time for the week.

This could include whipping up a batch of protein muffins for the morning, stocking up on weekly produce, freezing fruit for smoothies, hard boiling eggs for salads, or doing anything else that can help be a time saver later in the week.

Contributor: Alex Membrillo from

#8 ‘The German Way’

The traditional German dinner is made of bread and cheese, but you can make a delicious meal following the same principle. Always keep a sourdough loaf at home and in the evening just take a slice, warm it on a pan or in the oven and add your favourite toppings. Some topping ideas are avocados, eggs, cheese, mushrooms etc.

Contributor: Anastasia Sharova from

#9 Food Containers

Invest in some nice looking containers (I prefer glass), lunch boxes, reusable sandwich and snack bags, and utensils. It can be kind of depressing eating out of old tupperware with a bunch of plastic bags and plastic silverware around. Making a small investment in more visually appealing containers can go a long way. You eat with your eyes first after all

Contributor: Mary Weidner from

#10 One Skillet/Sheet Pan Recipes

Often times these will be very fast and simple meals that don't require a lot of prep or clean up. Sheet pan recipes are the easiest. You just chop up some veggies, add a protein and some spices and cook on one sheet pan until done. After, you transfer the meal to a plate, throw away the tin foil and voilà a dinner that took 5 minutes of effort.

Contributor: Mary Weidner from

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Written by James Metcalfe

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