6 Great Gift Ideas From Asia

From deep in the heartlands of the continent, to the front door of you or that special someone, gifts from Asia tend to carry the magic and mystery this wonderful part of the world possesses. We have collected up six very different, but all equally exciting, gift recommendations that we think really capture the wonder of the Asian continent.

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#1 Chai Leaves + Tea Set

I believe that traditional items from a country make for a great gift,particularly if they are food/drink related, as it allows the receiver of the gift to get a real taste of the country. As such, chai tea leaves from India, accompanied by a traditional Indian tea set, are my idea of a wonderful gift. Chai tea is drunk all over the country, and it has a really warm, comforting taste that automatically makes me think of India.

Contributor: Lauren Pears from

#2 Face Masks

Looking for gifts for your girlfriend and mum? Just go for face masks. Basically, you can find face masks in every drug store or cosmetics stores in Asia. The masks are made for different purposes--- anti-ageing, moisturising, morning masks etc. The best thing is that these face masks are super cheap.

Contributor: Hazel Sui from

#3 RawHYD Leather Co.

We have leather wallets, toiletry kits, and koozies at the moment but more products coming soon. Our products are top quality and fashionable and great gifts for husbands, boyfriends, dads, sons, etc. They are made of top grain leather and will last a long time to come.

We also give back is we give 10% of our profits every month to our partnered orphanage in India that goes to pay for the school fees for the kids. Every month we are able so far to sponsor about 15 kids a month.

Contributor: Aaron Hughes from RAWHYD Leather Co.

#4 Civet Coffee

Making its home in Indonesia and the Philippines, this is one of the most expensive coffees in the world. It lacks the bitterness that regular coffee has and is made with digested coffee cherries that are eaten by asian palm civets and infamously pooped out. Absolutely tastes amazing!

Contributor: Josh Edwards from

#5 Manga Spice Subscription Box

Manga Spice Cafe is a new subscription box service that is modeled after Japanese manga cafes. Manga cafes are basically libraries for comic books that have private cubicles with couches and provide noodle meals, snacks, candy, soft serve, and drinks to enjoy while you read.

Not everyone can make it to Japan on a regular basis, but Manga Spice Cafe can bring that experience to the comfort of your own home every month. And not every snack is Japanese either. We feature a wide range of Asian snacks from South Korea, to China, to Thailand and the Philippines, etc.

Contributor: Yoshimi Nakamura from

#6 Mekong Blue Scarves

The hand-woven scarves (branded as “Mekong Blue Silk”) are sold worldwide at high-end boutiques and international artisan fairs, and they have been recognized by UNESCO for quality and beauty. And they offer a livelihood to women who’ve never been to school and might otherwise turn to drudgery in garment factories—or worse forms of work. “I love this work,” says Nguon. “I love to see women change their lives that way."

Contributor: Chantha Nguon from

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Written by James Metcalfe

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