8 More Great Gadgets For Diets

From highly sophisticated and technological apps, to simple and honest handy tools, the world of dieting has seen a huge explosion in how much help there is around for those hoping to stick to their respective plans. We have spoken to several leading experts for their opinions on the very best gadgets are for those with diet plans in mind.

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#1 Slissie Vaping Gadget

Slissie is especially designed to break the impulse and emotional eating habit. The device can help you to follow your diet with its vapor free appetite suppressing flavours.

Contributor: Preeti Mathur, Content Writer from  shoplc

#2 SITU App

SITU evaluates the nutrient content and calories of your food and warns your where to stop. This helps in cutting the extra calories you are taking and make you eat healthy.

Contributor: Preeti Mathur, Content Writer from

#3 Vegetable Chopper

This gadget helps save so much energy and time and therefore lowers the barrier when it comes to including more vegetables in your diet. For a dinner party last weekend I made pasta with a vegetable sauce that had about 7 different types of vegetables from carrots to onions to squash and this chopper made the whole process a breeze.

Instead of spending half the night chopping, I was able to chop everything within a few minutes and join my friends while it simmered away instead. Anything that actively saves you effort when cooking healthy foods will make your diet more sustainable too.

Contributor: Mary Weidner, Co-Founder of Strongr Fastr, a meal planning app at strongrfastr

#4 MyFitnessPal App

This app is also known as the “minimal effort” app. Far from a mere calorie counter, this app translates your current weight and height into the appropriate calorie intake needed for fast weight loss, all while warning you if you’ve consumed too much sugar or carbs. It can also integrate with any exercise app that you might be using, automatically burning the calories you’ve lost during your training.

Contributor: Laurice Wardini from subscriptionly

#6 Yummly App

Far beyond just another recipe app, Yummly offers a variety of healthy choices and dietary preferences that are perfect for people who have strict rules regarding their food preferences. From Paleo to Keto, Yummly will give you a large list of meals for all courses.

Contributor: Laurice Wardini from subscriptionly

#7 MinusCal

MinusCal is the first protein-packed snack bar crafted with Choleve--an all natural ingredient that blocks the absorption of some calories from fat.

Not only can MinusCal help you meet your diet goals, but it’s also made with other naturally good for you ingredients that satisfy your hunger and taste indulgent without all the sugar of a traditional energy bar.

Contributor: Katie Rose Cronin from minuscal

#8 Active Iron Supplements

When dieting, one might not get all their nutritional needs met. This is especially true for iron, as only about 10% of iron is adequately absorbed from meals, so it can be even more challenging to get your daily requirement of iron while dieting. However, if you have taken iron supplements in the past, you may have found that you couldn’t tolerate them or they didn’t work very effectively. Active Iron breaks this mold by offering an iron supplement that is kind to the stomach and yet strong and effective. So kind, in fact, that it can be taken on an empty stomach!

Contributor: Anza Goodman with activeiron

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Written by James Metcalfe