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Olight Arkfeld Emergency Lighting Kit- Enrich Your Emergency Kit Set!

Olight Arkfeld is an intelligent solution for emergency indoor and outdoor lighting, from fixing to finding something. It comes with all the reliability factors for facing crises at hiking, hunting, camping, fishing, and night adventuring.

The Olight Arkfeld differs from regular lights as an emergency light with all the fascinating features. It is rechargeable and powered by a long-lasting, energy-efficient battery for brighter coverage.

In this article, I will present the importance of the Olight Arkfeld EDC LED light in your emergency kit. And why should you carry the Olight Arkfeld emergency light for tackling the toughest time of day or night?

So, let’s have a deep dive here!

What are the Reliable Features of the Olight Arkfeld Emergency LED Lighting?

Though the lighting is the primary job of the Olight Arkfeld LED flashlight, the reliable features and functions have turned it into an emergency light. It is a superb portable and rechargeable light for emergency duties. Let’s check the reliable reasons for emergency uses in detail.

  • Rechargeable Battery: The Olight Arkfeld EDC light has a built-in rechargeable battery. With a 1050mAh powerful lithium polymer battery, the emergency light produces 1000 lumens maximum output. Therefore, the light can meet your emergency lighting demand on any adventurous outing.
  • Energy Efficient: Unlike regular lights, the Olight Arkfeld is quite energy-efficient for long-lasting performance. With eight days of maximum runtime, the EDC flashlight can be a competitive choice for emergency lighting for camping, hunting, hiking, and night fishing.
  • Dual-light Source: The Olight Arkfeld is a stylish dual-light source EDC flashlight with white light and a green beam. It produces high-performance (4000K-5000K) neutral white LED and (5700K-6700K) cool white LED with a 331ft maximum throw. And the green beam ranges around 0.39mW, class 1,which makes one traceable by rescuers from far.
  • Compact: Of course, you don’t want to waste the much-needed space of your kit box with a clumsy flashlight. Here the Olight Arkfeld is relatively compact with a 4.33-inch length, 0.98-inch width, 0.59-inch height, and 3.07 OZ weight. Therefore, you can put the EDC flashlight in a tight corner of your emergency kit box.
  • Hands-free Application:Sometimes, the hands-free use of an emergency flashlight is badly needed for fishing, rescuing, or finding something. The Olight Arkfeld comes with a magnetic tail that lets you attach it to your nearby metallic body for hands-free use with no big hassles.
  • Waterproof:The IPX7 waterproof property has made the Olight Arkfeld EDC more than an EDC flashlight. It is a true emergency light to work under rain or in an adverse environment to rescue somebody or something. Moreover, it works well while camping on a snowy side or fishing at night.
  • Portability:An EDC flashlight isn’t emergency-efficient if it’s not pretty portable. Here the Olight Arkfeld flashlight is foremost portable, compact, and lightweight. The slim and stylish LED light weighs only 87g for effortless carrying anywhere. It has a stainless-steel pocket clip for the safest anchoring jeans pocket inside.
  • Durability: The Olight Arkfeld is a decent emergency flashlight for its durable construction. It is highly durable with aluminum-alloy materials and cutting-edge maneuvering technologies. The well-constructed emergency LED light lasts longer than traditional LED lights. Therefore, the adventurers and the rescue professionals can ensure a sustainable investment with the Olight Arkfeld EDC emergency light.

Olight Arkfeld EDC Emergency Flashlight: The Emergency Applications That You Can Consider!

You can experience many emergency circumstances where the Olight Arkfeld can be your timely-needed friend. Let’s see the multiple uses of the Olight Arkfeld emergency lighting to make life easier and safer than ever.

  • Home Emergencies: If you lose any tiny thing in a tight corner of your home, the Olight Arkfeld helps you quickly find it. A 331ft maximum throw penetrates the darkest sides under furniture, carpet, bed, and more. Therefore, you can promptly fix home emergencies with the EDC LED flashlight.
  • Rescue Responses: The wild adventurers’ emergency kit boxes will be incomplete without a high-intensity flashlight like Olight Arkfeld. It has a laser green beam to send a signal to the rescuers from the far destination. So, you can show presence to your outing team members or rescuers if needed.
  • Wildlife Camping: You can consider the Olight Arkfeld emergency EDC light for your wildlife camping kit. Who knows when and what emergencies can appear in a camp at night? It requires a high-quality flashlight to find harmful animals and insects beside the camps. Therefore, it works as safety gear.
  • Dark Night Fishing: If you love fishing at night, the Olight Arkfeld emergency light can play a pivotal role in lighting up the surrounding area. The 1000 lumens white LED light makes everything brighter and clearer 0n your fishing surface. Moreover, it helps you avoid snake biting in the darkest area.
  • Survival Emergencies: An ideal output of a survival flashlight starts from 300 lumens, whereas the Olight Arkfeld generates 1000 lumens. Therefore, the LED light can be a better choice for wildlife survivors to meet their survival emergencies. It works well for emergency lighting with two color temperatures, five brightness levels, and 101 meters beam distance. And the magnetic tail has turned the light into a true tactical flashlight.
  • Self-Defense: With various brightness levels and long-distance coverage, the Olight Arkfeld can be an ideal option for self-protection. It lets you detect and deter potential attackers from deadly attacks in dark environment. If you are a night jogger, camper, hiker, or nocturnal, you should carry the Olight Arkfeld EDC LED flashlight in your pant pocket, backpack, or hand.

Frequently Asked Questions for Olight Arkfeld Emergency Lighting!

Olight Arkfeld flashlight is more than an everyday carry-EDC LED light. The multi-functional features have turned the light into an emergency flashlight. Therefore, the users are curious about the Olight Arkfeld emergency lighting. Get more with the following frequently asked questions.

FAQ. Can I replace the Olight Arkfeld EDC light battery?

Sorry, the manufacturer has empowered the Olight Arkfeld flashlight with a built-in battery. Therefore, you cannot replace it if it gets damaged. However, it comes with a high-quality rechargeable battery that offers long-lasting performance. So, don’t worry about the battery life. Nevertheless, if you find any issues with the battery within the warranty period, you can communicate with Olight customer service.

FAQ. Are white light and green laser beam switchable at the same time for emergency lighting?

No, the white LED light and green laser beam aren’t functional simultaneously for emergency finding or rescuing. You must separately operate the light and laser for indoor or outdoor activities. So, the Olight Arkfeld isn’t an ideal option if you are looking for something like that.

Bottom Line

The Olight Arkfeld is a dual-purpose (regular and tactical) emergency flashlight with all-required features. It is ideal for daily outdoor and indoor emergencies while fixing, finding, repairing, camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, and rescuing. Moreover, the LED flashlight is perfect for power outages and other emergencies.

You can easily carry the compact and slim flashlight in your kit box, pant pocket, and backpack. And the Olight Arkfeld emergency flashlight is easily operable with an intuitive interface. It is a tactical tool, indeed.

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