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Top 10 Broadway Musicals to See in 2019

Broadway is constantly coming out with new and exciting shows. From the Lion King to Wicked, these shows are full of emotion, passion, and talent. If you get the opportunity to see any of these creative spectacles, take time to appreciate the work that goes into them day-in and day-out. Here are the top 10 Broadway musicals to see in 2019—you won’t want to miss them!

Creativity Abounds in These Top 10 Broadway Musicals for 2019

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Dear Evan Hansen

Dear Evan Hansen is the winner of six Tony Awards—one of which includes Best Musical—and tells a deeply personal and profound contemporary story. All his life, Evan Hansen has felt invisible. After a terrible event strikes the community Evan is thrust into the center of an ever-changing controversy. The story is told with heart-wrenching emotion and pristine passion.


Hamilton is the winner of a whopping 11 Tony Awards and is one of Broadway’s biggest hits. An exploration of political mastermind Alexander Hamilton, this show is a revolutionary tale of America’s past told through the fiery and incredible sounds of the nation we’ve become.


Based on the 1992 animated film, Aladdin hit the stage in 2014 and has stunned audiences throughout time. Coming from the director and choreographer of the famous musical, The Book of Mormon, this stage adoption is filled with tremendous beauty, comedy, and wonder. This is a great musical to see with the whole family.


The Oscar-winning 2013 film comes to Broadway in a full-length energetic production. The first act of this musical takes audience members more in-depth to expand the plot and intensify particular themes. The new musical features twice as much music as the film—what a treat!

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical

Carole King—an artist whose music was the soundtrack to a generation—and her journey have reached the Broadway stage. Nominated for Best Musical at the 2014 Tony’s, the songs in this will have you singing along at one point and crying in your seat the next. This is a remarkable show you want to miss—you’re sure to leave the theatre with the songs stuck in your head.

Kinky Boots

Another winner of six Tony Awards, Kinky Boots features music by Cyndi Lauper. The show revolves around the main theme of the story—sometimes the best way to fit in is by standing out. The story keys in on Charlie Price who recently inherited his father’s almost bankrupt shoe factory. He pairs up with drag-queen Lola, and from there the story takes off in miraculous directions.

Mean Girls

Written by female comedy icon Tina Fey, Mean Girls the Broadway musical brings the catty movie to the stage. Full of energy, hilarity, and originality, this show is something you and your girls should definitely see. They’re also going to start touring this year, so if you can’t make it to Broadway, you can try and see it at a theater near you.

My Fair Lady

My Fair Lady is gracing Broadway again after a 25-year reprieve. This musical tells the story of Cockney flower seller Eliza Doolittle and linguistics professor Henry Higgins who tries to transform her into a proper lady. Hilarity, romance, and heavenly lyrics are present in this stunning revival.

The Prom

This new Broadway musical is about the wondrous power of love. In this comedic and passionate show, Broadway stars travel to Indiana after a teenage student is banned from her prom since she wanted to bring her girlfriend. Critics everywhere are saying it’s the musical of the season—don’t miss it!

Pretty Woman: The Musical

The movie is one of the most beloved romantic comedies of all time, and now it’s hit the Broadway stage with Pretty Woman: The Musical. This energetic and romantic story is brought to life with Grammy award winner Bryan Adams’ help. You and your honey will not want to miss out on this show.

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Written by Logan Voss

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