Essential Things Every Green Community Needs

Communities should practice sustainability to keep the Earth clean. After all, sustainability is a communal, not individual, effort. For city leaders who want to be eco-friendlier, here are some essential things every green community needs.

Sustainable Playgrounds

If you’re trying to make your community eco-friendlier, consider figuring out how to build sustainable playgrounds. The playgrounds should be made from recyclable materials as to not waste any new resources. It’s also important to implement recycling programs within public parks so that parents and children don’t litter.

Advanced Parking Systems

Automatic or semiautomatic parking structures create sustainable cities because they create more room for development. When companies use more technological options, they save space for trees to be planted. Automatic parking mechanisms also limit the need for human conveniences such as electricity for the elevators.

Compost Bins & Gardens

Every town that wants to be green should build a compost or community garden to allow people to turn leftover food into nutrient-rich soil. Also, creating a community garden can ensure that everyone gets to eat their own products.


People in sustainable communities should walk as much as they can instead of drive. For this reason, city supervisors must make the town a more desirable place to walk so that people will want to stay out of their cars. Think about planting flowers around the town and getting rid of any unsightly shrubbery so that folks have a more enjoyable time on their walks.

These are just four of the things every green community needs to be successful. Going green has to be a communal effort because that’s the only way we can make a difference. City officials should take a look at these community-based programs so that they can help their communities move toward a higher level of eco-friendliness and stay sustainable for years to come.

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Written by Logan Voss

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