Achieve Excellence: The Qualities All Great Athletes Share

In this list of the qualities all great athletes share, you may recognize some traits you’ve seen in your favorite football or baseball players. That’s no coincidence. It takes a very particular kind of person to take on the pressures of a professional sports career. In this article, we endeavor to list a few of those traits. Maybe you’ll even see a little bit of yourself in them. Read on if you have any interest in the mental aspect of sports.


Many people consider athletics to be a test of a person’s physical capabilities, but athletes know their minds are important as well. When a truly great athlete begins practice or a game, they can block out distractions and focus simply on what is in front of them. It’s like turning on a switch. In a time when there’s so much entertainment to distract us, great athletes prove what the power of concentration can really achieve.


Perhaps it goes without saying that one of the most important qualities all great athletes share is motivation. Athletes have an innate desire to win. They want to reach the top of their game, and they’re willing to push their bodies and minds to the breaking point to get there. Athletes need this kind of passion if they wish to succeed.

A Positive Mindset

While athletes must have the motivation to reach their goals, it’s just as vital for them to have the self-confidence to succeed. Remember that an athlete’s life is difficult. They must follow essential nutrition tips. They must also hone their bodies into tip-top condition. If they don’t have a positive mindset that tells them it’s all worth it, they won’t get very far.

A Strong Support System

Although sports are full of “going-it-alone” stories, the truth is that every great athlete has a strong support system to back them up. Athletics comes with lots of ups and downs. If an athlete doesn’t have people cheering them on through the rough patches, they may become discouraged over time.

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Written by Emma Radebaugh

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