Why Metal Buildings Are Better Than Wood

When you’re considering an addition to your property or a new building for a business, you have a few options in terms of structures. The two most popular choices are wood and metal. However, just because these are the most popular options doesn’t mean they’re equally useful. Read on to learn why metal buildings are better than wood.


Metal buildings are made with prefabricated uniform metal sheets. For all the incredible woodworkers and carpenters out there, it’s impossible to make exactly uniform pieces of lumber. That means you’ll have small cracks throughout your building that allow pests of all shapes and sizes to enter. Termites, ants, and rodents won’t be a problem if you choose to install a metal building.

However, if you need to protect a wood building from outside critters, hire an experienced pest control company to conduct monthly inspections and help keep your home pest-free. 


Metal also resists moisture in a way that wood never can. Sure, you can seal and reseal wood with great frequency to protect it from moisture, but what happens if you slip up and wait too long to apply the sealant? Moisture can quickly lead to mold and warping, which are problems that never really go away once they begin. Metal will neverrot, and you won’t have mold problems either!


Some locations are very susceptible to high winds, whether you’re in the plains and need to contend with tornadoes or you’re on the coast and need to worry about hurricanes. In either case, you’ll want a metal building that can withstand high wind so that you don’t wake up one morning without your new building! Investing in metal buildings has a ton of benefits—wind resistance is just the tip of the iceberg.

Steel is designed to flex and bend naturally as wind buffets it. On the other hand, wood will attempt to resist wind until something gives—that could be the roof of your building or the walls.

Now that you know why metal buildings are better than wood, contact a reputable metal building dealer and get your custom-made metal building as soon as possible!

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Written by Logan Voss

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