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The 7 Best Gifts for the Beloved Police Officer in Your Life

A career as a police officer is considered the fourth most-stressful job in the US. Between the dangerous tasks, heartbreaking sights, and difficulty to separate work and home life, officers give up a lot to protect their communities.

As such, you should take every opportunity you have to thank an officer in your life for their service. Regardless of the occasion, every officer could benefit from a token of gratitude every once in a while.

Keep reading to discover the best gifts for police officers so you can show your appreciation properly.

1. Thin Blue Line Flag

Despite the difficult duties, police officers have a lot of pride in what they do. Because of this, officers created a flag with a thin blue line to honor their profession.

Like its name suggests, the flag features a thin blue horizontal line positioned between two black rectangles. The flag represents the thin line that officers stand on to protect citizens from evil and chaos.

If there’s an officer in your life who doesn’t already have a thin blue line flag to display at their home, this will make a perfect gift. If they already have a flag, consider buying them a license plate holder, hat, or shirt with the flag on it.

2. Insulated Drink Tumbler

Officers spend the majority of their time at work in their patrol cars. Depending on the shift, they get very little downtime in between calls to eat or drink. Sometimes, the morning coffee they grab on the way out of their house is their only drink all day.

A high-quality insulated drink tumbler can make the perfect gift to brighten their day. In the middle of a long shift, they can reach for their warm coffee for an extra dose of caffeine. Or, on a hot day, their ice water will remain cold for hours inside their vehicle.

Pay the extra money to have the tumbler customized with their name or department. Not only will this look cool, but it will also help it from disappearing in the station’s breakroom.

3. Police Challenge Coins

Police challenge coins make great appreciation gifts for police officers.

Challenge coins started as a way for military members to prove their identities. But, the traditional has transformed into a collectible item for all public service sectors.

There are challenge coins for specific ranks, like police sergeant, detectives, and chiefs. There are also coins for special teams, such as a dive team or drug task force. These are a small token that officers can collect to show off their special skills to compare with others on the road.

However, Police challenge coins are a great way to recognize police officers and welcome new members to the police force. These police challenge coins are available in various forms, as Vivipins has an established track record of over 15 years in coin creation that is open to all private and business entities.

4. Badge Wallet Holder

If you’re specifically looking for police graduation gifts, consider buying your loved one a badge wallet holder. Having a badge is a huge honor, but it’s also another thing that an officer will have to carry with them while on and off-duty.

Instead of carrying around both a wallet and a badge holder, buy them an all-in-one accessory. These wallets come in a variety of options, so you may want to see what kind of wallet your officer currently carries. Then, buy one that has similar storage options with an extra section for their badge.

5. Concealed Carry Accessories

When in uniform, officers will have their service gun and all the right accessories. But, the instinct to protect others doesn’t stop as soon as the uniform comes off.

Many officers choose to carry a concealed weapon during daily life just in case. But, unlike their uniform, their daily wardrobe may not accommodate a weapon. So, buy them a holster or their preferred accessory so they can keep a weapon nearby at all times.

This also makes one of the best law enforcement retirement gifts. A retired officer may be sad about giving up their service weapon, so allowing them to easily carry can restore a sense of identity.

6. Tactical Sunglasses

If you know a law enforcement officer whose job is a patrolman on the road, they spend a lot of their time out in the sunshine. Because of this, a high-quality pair of sunglasses can make a huge difference in their shift.

You’ll want a pair that has all the features they need. Choose one with the following:

  • Polarized lenses
  • Durable frame
  • Scratch and bullet-proof
  • Fog resistant

It never hurts to make sure they’re stylish as well!

7. Disguised Gun Safe

All the lethal gear your officer carries around while on duty has to have a safe storage place in their home. This is especially important in the officer is a parent of small children!

While they may already have a large gun safe in their home for the majority of their weapons, consider purchasing them a smaller, disguised gun safe. These generally look like a deep photo frame or home decoration. But, they have a hidden compartment for a small handgun inside.

Your officer can attach this to the wall near the front or back door. That way, they can place their service weapon inside of it the second they’re off the clock. They’ll also feel safe knowing that the weapon is nearby in case of an emergency.

Gifts for Police Officers Show Your Appreciation

Buying any of these gifts for police officers in your life is an easy way to show your appreciation for their service. Whether you purchase a gift for their birthday, graduation from the academy, or retirement, you’re bound to make them smile.

Don’t forget to spread the love to other public service workers in your life. Visit the Gifts section of this website to find the perfect present idea for everyone.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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