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React Native: Definition, Key Benefits, and the Most Popular React Native App Examples

It goes without saying that mobile phones are an inseparable part of our life. But when it comes to Android or iOS mobile app development, modern businesses have not the slightest idea of what to offer to the clients. Some of them are focused on an attractive user interface, whereas others think that user experience is of prime importance. How to tackle all these challenges? What should you do to create a top-notch product? So here comes the React Native opportunities as the best solution for making exciting mobile apps!

When you have a look at the best examples of React Native apps, you’ll see that it’s a superb solution for creating engaging mobile apps using only JavaScript. So let’s review the key benefits of this tool and analyze the best React Native app examples! Get comfortable and have a look!

React Native: A Brief Definition

It’s a superb tool that allows programmers to create powerful, multi-featured apps with the help of JavaScript that supports both iOS and Android platforms. In other words, when using this tool, you need to code only once and your React Native app will be available for both platforms. All this can save the precious time of developers and allow them to deliver a high-quality product faster.

To use this tool, you just need to know well enough CSS, HTML or JavaScript.

Why Developers Prefer Using the Features of React Native Framework

The main reason why developers choose this tool is that it allows them to render UI for two of the most popular platforms – Android and iOS. Moreover, its components have the counterpart rights; this means that you can reuse them for developing iOS and Android open-source React Native apps. Developers have two solutions – they can incorporate some React components into the existing code or reuse the code with the help of plugins.

Here’s the list of the main reasons why programmers from pole to pole choose this tool:

  • It is very easy to use;
  • There’s no need to study iOS Swift and Android-specific Java;
  • React Native is UI focused;
  • A developer needs to write only one set of code.

All in all, it’s a superb and powerful platform that allows developers to save time when building native applications.

Overview of the Best React Native Examples

For you to make sure that this tool is really powerful, we decided to review a few of the most popular apps built with React Native.

Instagram – the most popular React Native example app

Seems like Instagram needs no introduction because you will hardly find a person who hasn’t an account here. Though developers faced some problems when building this tool, they managed to achieve their goal and create a superb platform where users can share photos and videos from their personal life. Moreover, with the help of React Native, they managed to avoid numerous expenses because they weren’t made to build this app from scratch.


This is one of the most successful React Native examples. Thanks to React Native, the general performance of this tool was improved. Moreover, Skype users got a much better and updated user interface. First, Android users experienced the new features and UI of Skype. Later, users of iOS also had a chance to experience the benefits of the new release.

Uber Eats

Uber is considered to be one of the most popular passenger transportation services. But this company also decided to start a new project – food delivery. When developing the food-related application, the main advantages of React Native were successfully used for the creation of this platform. Thanks to the power of the React Native, the developers of this solution rendered some functionalities of the native device.

These are the most popular React Native projects that were appreciated by millions of users from all over the globe. However, React Native was also used for building such well-known tools as Walmart, Bloomberg, Discovery VR, etc.

React Native Benefits

The developers from all over the globe start using this tool to save their time on writing code and to develop a top-notch product that will meet the needs of users. Here’s the list of the main benefits that you’ll get when using React Native:

  • Cross-Platform Usage. Although initially, this tool was developed specifically for iOS development, later on, they decided to open the functionality of this tool for Android users and this news increased its popularity!
  • Powerful class performance. All the apps written with the help of this code are subdivided into natively written code. This means that the application can work well on both operating systems without any bugs or lags.
  • A big community of developers. You know that it’s an open-source JavaScript platform. That’s why every developer can contribute to the framework. This means that all the users of this solution can use the benefits of community-driven technology. So if you feel some difficulties when working on this or that project, you can always take the help of the community. You can also share your experience here.
  • Live and hot reloading. This platform also supports Live and Hot reloading. The main goal of live reloading is to help developers compile and later read the file where some changes were made. The Hot Reloading is based on HMR that puts all the update files into a certain place even when the program is working.
  • Affordability. The main distinctive feature of this solution is that it helps reduce the general cost of development. There’s no need to write separate codes for different platforms.

All in all, we can see that React Native is more than a simple framework; it’s a cost-effective and time-saving tool that helps developers spend less time while writing codes! With this solution, it is so easy to reuse models and codes. That’s why it is the most widely-used cross-platform solution that is used for app development.

As we have already mentioned, modern businesses will be more successful and profitable if it has a mobile application. This is where custom software development will come in useful. Our company is always ready to address your software needs. We can code software or mobile apps that can turn your idea into a successful product!

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Written by Marcus Richards

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