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3 Major Reasons Why Your iPhone isn’t Charging

One of the most frustrating situations in life is when you found out your iPhone isn’t charging. As you know, Apple phones or iPhones are considered to be costly and classy, so it isn’t good news for you if your iPhone suddenly stopped charging. Well, you’ll know if it’s your phone that’s acting up. But if not, you don’t have to worry because something might have caused it.

There are a lot of reasons why an iPhone won’t charge. You’ll just have to find out why. So if you’re entirely not sure why your phone isn’t charging, then this guide will be able to help you identify the problem. Most of the reasons you’re about to know might be so simple that you can just troubleshoot the problem on your own.

You Might Have a Loose Connection

It can be so frustrating when you don’t notice your iPhone not charging or is still out of battery after a few hours of charging. Well, it’s proven by testers that 90% of the time, iPhones don’t charge because of a loose connection. Sometimes, it doesn’t really have many complications. It could be the cable you’re using is faulty, or the charging port of your phone isn’t firm enough to charge properly.

In this case, you need to double-check if your phone is charging when using your lightning cable. You also need to make sure that your iPhone has a stable connection with your lightning cable. One reason as well is that the outlet you plugged in your charger is loose. There are also instances when you check the charger and outlet only to find out your charger keeps falling from the outlet.

This can be problematic on your end, and it could also be between the outlet, charger, or the lightning cable. So you need to check where the problem is for you to ensure you have a stable connection between your charger, lightning cable, and the outlet.

The Charging Port is Damaged or Dirty

One of the primary reasons why your iPhone isn’t charging is because of a dirty charging port. Since the port is located in the middle of your phone, there’s a higher possibility that it collects dust the most. Aside from that, it can also collect debris that’s small enough to fit inside it. So, if there’s debris or a small amount of dust inside the hole, then it’s a possible reason why your iPhone isn’t charging properly.

In addition to that, an iPhone usually has nine connectors in its port, and if some debris blocks one of them, your phone won’t charge at all. One reason also why your phone won’t charge is because of water damage. This problem might be harder to fix, and it could also lead to screen and battery issues. Water damage is dangerous to your iPhone as they are susceptible enough to damage the port.

The best way you could do to avoid this issue is to clean your charging port regularly. You could use a dry toothbrush or a toothpick to remove the debris and dust on the port. Well, to prevent further damage, you need to turn off your phone first before cleaning it. It would help if you also took note that you shouldn’t use water in cleaning your phone.

You Might Have a Busted Cable

The most common problem with iPhones is the lightning cable. It’s actually not that durable, especially if you don’t take care of it. iPhone lightning cables can be easily busted as they’re known for their fragility. Well, there are still cables that can last long, but you’ll never know when it’ll quit on you. Well, if you notice that you’re having the same problem, maybe it’s time for you to change your cable.


There are a lot of reasons why your iPhone isn’t charging. But before you conclude to change your lightning cable or your phone, you can try to assess first what the problem really is. If you have the same issues with the list above, this guide could help you.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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