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6 Things to Consider When Buying a New Toilet Bowl

You probably never bothered about how the toilet bowl looked until you are faced with a situation where you’ve got to buy one. Whether you are renovating your old bathroom or just replacing a defunct toilet, your consideration for a new toilet bowl can be overwhelming.

For something that looks like plain-old porcelain, there are just too many technical and fundamental aspects involved. You make the wrong choice and you’ll have to suffer sitting on it for years.

The perfect toilet bowl is one that not only fits your toilet and requirements but also your budget. If you keep the following factors in mind while buying a new toilet bowl, you can rest assured that your selection will be commendable.

e toilets are the most common toilet style with separate toilet tanks and bowls.

1. Shape and Size

Besides the toilet style, when you’re purchasing a new toilet, you also need to particularly consider the shape and size of the toilet bowl.

Toilet bowls come in a range of sizes and you can choose the size that suits the dimensions of your bathroom.

While considering the shape of the toilet bowl, not only aesthetics but also the effective space utilization should be kept in mind. If you have a compact bathroom, you should choose a round-shaped bowl. Another option is an elongated or oval-shaped toilet bowl which occupies slightly more space.

2. Flush Efficiency

The flush performance and power is an extremely important aspect of your toilet. You can opt for a pressure-assisted flush toilet as it uses water far more efficiently than the traditional gravity flush. There is a minor drawback though. Some pressure-assisted toilets make way too much noise while flushing. If you’re not too keen on the sound effects, you should probably pick the gravity toilet over the pressure-assisted one.

It is also better to go for a dual flushing mechanism for avoiding water wastage. Overall you need to be sure that the flush is effective, otherwise, you’ll be frequently stuck with a clogged toilet.

3. Design and Style of toilet

When you’re out shopping for a new toilet bowl, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that there are many types of toilet bowls. You can choose from tankless toilets, wall-mounted toilets, one-piece or two-piece toilets.

Tankless toilets are minimalist and ideal for small spaces.

Wall-mounted toilets are attached to the wall, making floor cleaning easier. It is also ideal for persons requiring assistance with a wheelchair and walker.

One-piece toilets have an integrated bowl and tank. They’re easy to clean and install and have a sleek modern appearance.

4. Rough-in

Measuring the “rough-in” should be among your priorities when you’re looking for a new toilet bowl. The “rough-in” is the distance between the toilet’s bolt cap and the wall behind. Usually, a 12-inch rough-in is standard for toilets. But your toilet can also measure 10-inch or 11-inch. If you’re replacing an old toilet bowl, you’ll have to get a new one with the same rough-in.

5. Functions

Modern toilets have lots of exclusive functions and features. You can consider purchasing a toilet with some additional features that can provide a lot more convenience than ordinary toilets.

There are options of heated seats, cushioned seats and bidets, and also some hi-tech features. If you’re ready to splurge enough, you’ll be spoilt for choices.

6. Costs

It is quite obvious that even though your options are extensive, your budget on toilet bowls can be limited. You need to consider the cost of buying a new toilet bowl as well the expenses involved in its installation. We don’t recommend making a choice simply on the basis of the pricing but do weigh in the value for money you’ll get out of the purchase.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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