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10 Weed Strains for Tasty and Potent Homemade Edibles

Every stoner knows that you need different strains for different occasions. Whether you’re growing weed outside or getting it from a dispensary, When you need some energy to get you through a Saturday social event, you need a Blue Diesel or a Hawaiian. When you need a strain that’s going to help you drift off into restful sleep, you need a Northern Lights or a Purple Kush. And when you want to make some delectable edibles that send you sky high, you need one of the following 10 strains:

OG Kush

Some of the best strains for edibles are readily available and inexpensive, which is why OG Kush leads the pack on this one. The first member of the Kush strain family to gain worldwide notoriety, OG Kush is grown by almost every breeder and certainly available in every dispensary. Though its THC content varies, it is usually quite potent, and its dominant pine flavor makes it work with savory dishes as well as sweet.

White Widow

White Widow is another remarkably long-lived and popular strain, available in every state. In addition to having around 16 percent THC —potent enough to provide a good high through an edible — this strain is also highly regarded for its delectable flavors, which skunky or musky like a typical weed. The light lemony, pepperminty aroma enlivens most sweets.


Skywalker is a potent Indica strain that kicks in fast, which can be helpful in edibles where absorption of cannabinoids is slightly delayed. The strain has a dominant rich, fruity flavor almost exactly like blueberry that allows it to pair well with warm spices in baked goods like quick breads and muffins. However, you should be careful not to ingest too much, or you might sleep through the entire day.


Trainwreck is one of the best weed strains because of how long the effects linger. A Sativa-leaning hybrid, this strain is spicy, peppery, and lemony, and most users attest that the light happiness and pain relief provided by the high can remain for many hours and even days, depending on how much edible you consume.

Super Lemon Haze

As the name indicates, Super Lemon Haze has an intense citrus flavor that accordingly provides energy and excitement, invigorating users with extra creativity. You can add Super Lemon Haze to any homemade treat that you would punch up with a bit of lemon zest.

Some stoners prefer to use in their edibles a relative of Super Lemon Haze called Lemon Shining Silver Haze. This strain is a bit more difficult to find, but it does have a higher THC content and a much cleaner lemon flavor.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is one of the most popular strains of all time — despite its intense and sometimes unpalatable flavors. Equal parts sour citrus and earthy gasoline, the terpenes in this strain are best disguised by intense flavors in cooking like chocolate or capsaicin.


Girl Scout Cookies, or GSC as the strain is more often known, doesn’t taste much like Thin Mints or Tagalongs, but it does perfectly hit the spot. Spicy, floral and citrus flavors combine in this strain with a high THC content. Though your local dispensary should have GSC in stock, you might also explore some of its relatives, like Royal Cookies or Animal Cookies.


This strain goes by many names, from plain Sherbet to Subset Sherbet to Sherbert (sic) and more. Intensely sweet with notes of citrus and berry, this strain is an excellent candidate for special homemade candies like gummies and suckers. Plus, the 18 percent THC content provides full-body effects and plenty of cerebral energy.

Blue Dream

One of the most popular Indica strains, Blue Dream is beloved for its ability to help users feel deep relaxation. Though the strain is a bit more herbal and floral than you might normally incorporate into edibles, its flavor is light and delicate, which can be rewarding in vanilla-based baked goods. Blue Dream should be used in snacks you enjoy right before bed, to put your body and mind at ease.

Forbidden Fruit

Highly regarded as one of the most delectable strains on the market today, Forbidden Fruit is fruity to its core. Mixing tropical fruits, citrus, berries, and more, the fruit is bursting with flavor that makes it at home in a smoothie, a fruit pie, a fruit salad, and anywhere else you want intense fruity flavor.

Though these are some of the best strains for cooking and baking, they are by no means the only ones you have to work with. You should feel free to be creative with mixing and matching weed strains and homemade edible creations.

If you are growing your own weed, be sure to check out these tips for when to harvest cannabis first. 

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Written by Marcus Richards

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