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 A Guide to Buy Craft Beer in Australia

The craft beer scene in Australia is gaining momentum due to changing consumer tastes. A shift has been observed in beer consumption, wherein people prefer flavourful and local produce over big corporation traditional beer. IBIS World marks the Australian craft beer industry at $807 million with over 553 businesses involved.

There are a variety of craft beers available in the market today. You can visit website of an online supplier to find it in a single place.

Here is a guide to understand and buy the best craft beer in Australia.

What is Craft Beer?

Craft beer, by definition, is a beer brewed in small batches by breweries or microbreweries. The term small batch is open to interpretation, considering the market today. Independent breweries have grown exponentially producing tens of thousand barrels per year to commercial breweries buying out the little guys.

Craft beer as compared to traditional beers put greater emphasis on flavour and quality.

Flavours and Variety

With craft, beer flavour takes centre stage. It comes in new and exciting flavours. Malt and hop quality and quantity are not adulterated with cheaper substitutes. Recipes are formulated to bring a variety of new beers to the market. Getting online to know more about local Australian craft beers might help to figure out the different flavours and types.

Types of Craft Beer

  • Pale Ale: This is one of the most popular and consumed types of craft beer in Australia. The beer gets its ale colour from the lightly roasted barley. These beers are usually lightly hopped, and their taste tends to be on the fruitier side, less bitter.
  • IPA: Indian Pale ale is an extension of the type of beer mentioned above. IPA’s contain double the amount of hops which lend to the beer its bitter taste and citrus undertone. This type of beer has higher alcohol content as well.
  • Porter and Stout: These beers derive their colour and taste from the heavily roasted malts. Porters after being hopped offer rich chocolate, caramel, coffee-like taste and smell. Some variations of this beer include lactose which gives its body a creamier texture. Stouts tend to be stronger because, in the basic sense, they are more potent blends of porters.
  • Lager: The lager yeast is used to ferment this type of beer, and the technique used for brewing produces light and crisp beers. You will find pale lagers to chocolaty black dark lagers depending on the type of malt used.
  • Cider: Fermented apple juice, yes that is what cider is made up of. The unfiltered juice of fresh apples and brewer’s yeast is used to begin the fermentation process. Taste-wise it has a natural sweetness associated with it.

This is not an exhaustive list of craft beers, but something to get you started with. Each primary type of beer mentioned above will have sub-styles depending on the ingredient used to add a distinctive flavour. Check about this online, to know more about different types of local Australian beer available in the market today.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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