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4 Best Marketing Books

Marketing is essential for all businesses, even if you have a specialized online platform, such as PlayAmo Canada, or a small shop. If you want to learn more about this aspect, the following books will be helpful.

Contagious: Why Things Catch On

Some advertising images are memorable for decades, and some are incapable of even arousing a consumer’s interest. That’s the way marketing reality works. It’s silly to accept it. Trying to understand why this is the case and how to create bright and memorable sales pitches is an asterisk task, the solution of which will reveal the algorithm for making any teaser, slogan, able to enrich its customer.

Jonah Berger in Contagious: Why Things Catch On summarized all the important information on the subject of non-trivial marketing. In studying it. The University of Pennsylvania professor has amassed no small amount of justification and evidence in his scientific arsenal to understand the theory of contagious selling messages. He is convinced that there is a standard set of techniques that can be used to create incredibly popular ads that can sell dandruff shampoo to a bald man.

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

It is believed that psychology is intuitively understandable to any sane person, and therefore it should not be studied separately. Great fallacy! The authors of this book argue that anyone studying the strategies of persuasion from a scientific point of view, will be able many times more effective to convince others and build relationships with other people. It is the scientific basis that allows striking results in the field of effective communication and influence on people.

The book will teach you how to easily cope with the most difficult task: to build relationships with other people honestly, ethically and correctly.

Each of us has had to deal with the fact that our demands are not met, our requests go unheard, and our wishes go unheeded. Why does this happen and how to act in such situations? The answers to these questions you will find in the pages of the book.

Customers for Life

Carl Sewell is a successful businessman who has raised his sales to unprecedented heights by attracting and retaining customers.

His book is a practical guide to working with customers. Sewell recommends that everyone bet on loyal customers, because the focus on one-time sales makes business unsustainable. And convincingly proves that in order to keep customers, you need to reconsider your views not only on service as such, but also on the organization of work, pay, cleanliness, landscape design and many other small things.

The book will be useful to those who are just starting their business, as well as those looking for ways to expand it further.

Decoded. The Science behind Why We Buy

Phil Barden is one of the most sought-after marketers in the world. For 25 years, he has been actively studying and spreading the scientific approach to marketing.

A brilliant marketer argues that to implement an effective business for the sale of goods and services, it is absolutely necessary to study the psychology of the behavior of the potential client. Barden’s new concept is based on a series of scientific studies in the field of psychology, which were able to explain the patterns of human behavior at the time of purchase. Such a concept goes against many generally accepted laws of marketing, however, its effectiveness speaks for itself.

From the first chapters, Barden gives a competent rationale for marketing as such and in what areas it is applicable, since the definitions of marketing are multifaceted and always depend on the approach.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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