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Why Ensemble Storage is Attractive?

To use solar power as an energy resource, it is necessary to receive a special apparatus. This apparatus is commonly known as a solar panel. However, a panel is just part of a complex system. Additionally, solar apparatuses include batteries, charge controllers, microinverters, electricity meters, junction boxes, cables, and other elements. Solar panels are very popular all over the world, but solar system developers do not stop there and continue to improve the appliance. Thus, there is one of the latest innovations­ Enphase IQ 8 Ensemble.

Enphase IQ 8 Ensemble is an updated operating system, which opens new possibilities in solar energy use. Enphase gets you closer to full energy independence as it allows simplifying the process of receiving and transforming solar power.

The main difference of the IQ 8 Micro is that it allows going off-grid. Usually, when you have a traditional solar inverter, you receive solar power for your needs while the sun is shining (traditional grid-tied). However, with IQ 8 Micro, it is possible to change this process.

Furthermore, in addition to IQ 8 microinverters, Enphase provides Ensemble Storage, which is a catalyst enabling microgrid capability. The key benefit is that most storage solutions on the market offer active cooling, while Ensemble Storage uses passive cooling.

Enphase IQ 8 Ensemble consists of the following 5 components:

  • IQ 8 microinverter
  • Enpower switch
  • Encharge battery
  • Enlighten
  • IQ Combiner

IQ 8 Microinverter

Enphase IQ 8 microinverter represents the 8th renewed generation of Enphase inverters. These inverters are famous for their great effectiveness and productiveness. In addition, they work in different weather conditions as the used material ensures wind, rain, and snow resistance. Low light conditions do not have an impact on the inverters’ efficiency. Moreover, with IQ 8 microinverters, you can go off-grid whenever you want.

Enpower Switch

When the grid goes down, the Enpower Switch allows you to receive and convert the solar power. The Enpower Switch has a unique feature – it seamlessly isolates your building for operation during a blackout. Therefore, you are independent of any energy fluctuations, and you can power your house while it is daylight. So, the energy stays in tune. In addition, the Energy Management system allows deciding on priorities of solar energy use.

Encharge Battery

Enphase Encharge cares about its clients and takes into account all possible situations. Sometimes, there are periods when the grid is down, and the sun has already set. For such situations, Enphase Encharge provides backup energy. You do not have to change your plans because of lack of light.


Enlighten is a cloud-based monitoring platform, which allows keeping your energy anywhere. The intuitive modern platform Enlighten gives you a chance to configure and reconfigure your solar system in accordance with your current electricity needs and priorities. The most alluring feature is that you can control your solar system even when you are away.

IQ Combiner

IQ Combiner is about total control. If you have this tool, you should not worry about anything at all. This tool allows you to connect your solar apparatus to the cloud platform. IQ Combiner assures a remote regulation of the IQ8 microinverter and the whole system. Therefore, you get a chance to control your solar system anytime and anywhere. You also get the opportunity to regulate the amount of produced electricity. In addition, you can discover some errors immediately.

Enphase IQ 8 Ensemble is a new era for all solar systems. IQ 8 microinverters, Ensemble Storage, and other components are aimed to enhance the productivity of your solar apparatuses and simplify the process of solar power converting into electricity.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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