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How to Minimize Green Energy Costs

When it comes to energy bills, everyone is relentlessly searching for ways to save money. For instance, replacing your old light bulbs with energy-saving LEDs can significantly reduce light costs. Plus, they’re highly durable, lasting up to 12 times longer than their ordinary counterparts. Aside from that, there are several other strategies you can adopt to lower your energy expenses even further.

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Utilize Cavity Wall Insulation

Most of the heat in your home is lost via the walls. So, consider insulating them so as to save significant amounts of energy. Install cavity wall insulation and cut your heating bills by £140 every year. And if you don’t have loft insulation already, installing it could end up saving you £175 annually.

Fix Dripping Taps and Draught Proof

A dripping water tap can actually waste a lot of hot water. Therefore, fix all those leaking taps and ensure that they are all turned off.

Did you know that draught-proofing your home can be a lifesaver? Well, now you know. You could actually end up saving an average of £55 per year, not to mention giving your home a more cozy and sophisticated look.

Include an Electricity Monitor

Electricity monitors can help you track how much electricity you’re utilizing, and therefore make informed decisions regarding your energy consumption and become more efficient. You can readily find an electricity monitor selling at £25 online and they’re quite easy to install.

You may also want to consider insulating your hot water tank so as to save more energy. Typically, an insulation jacket goes for about £15 and can help you save around £45 annually on your heating bills.

Make Instant Upgrades

Boilers consume high amounts of energy and could cover about 60% of the costs you spend on your energy bills. Upgrading to an A-rated condensing boiler can make a huge difference in minimizing your energy expenses.

Even more, turning down your thermostat by at least one degree can substantially lower your heating bills and save you about £85 every year. You could also consider installing certain heating controls. Fitting a hot water tank thermostat can also work wonders. So, what are you still waiting for? Do something right away!

Avoid Leaving Appliances on Standby

Leaving appliances on standby can lead to high energy bills. So, make sure that you switch off your appliances at the plug. Besides, research has found that leaving electrical items such as laptops on charged after their battery is full can cost you up to £3 per year.

Compare and Switch

You don’t have to stay loyal to an energy supplier who’s charging you more than you can afford- compare and switch today. By switching, certain families were able to save up to £23 a year. You can easily compare energy prices on usave.


With the current economy, every homeowner is now looking for a way to reduce their energy bills. Fix dripping taps, turn off standby appliances, incorporate a smart thermostat, and switch to a better supplier.

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Written by Nat Sauteed

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