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The New Trends of Crypto Games

Since the birth of blockchain technology, game developers have seen the niche brought by the technology, and they are now developing games based on the blockchain platform.

In the network, the creator and the user of the game have equal power and control. You can now go to an online casino and start gambling, but it will be different this time around because now you will be using cryptocurrency. What’s more, the trends of the crash game with real moneyare prevalent in online casinos because of the amazing bonuses.

How are crypto games different from the regular online casino games?

Cryptocurrencies have changed the online gambling industry for the better. But some players still prefer to play using the usual FIAT money like USD and GBP. So, for crypto fanatics, here are a few differences between the crypto games and the usual online casino titles;

  • A significant difference between the two is simply the currency. Crypto online casinos will use crypto coins to perform various transactions and also measure and exchange value. On the other hand, standard online casinos use regular FIAT currencies for the same activities.
  • There is a lot of transparency in online crypto casino games, unlike in the typical casino games where a lot of crucial information is hidden from the player. Also, there are a lot of promises made, and in most cases, they are not fulfilled. In online crypto games, the platform is direct, making it possible for players to notice any changes.
  • Player security is also one of the most important things when it comes to online gambling, and both crypto and normal casinos differ when it comes to it. Also, cryptocurrency is decentralized meaning no government or financial institution controls them, unlike the regular FIAT currency.
  • Cryptocurrency wallets are more secure than bank accounts, debit cards, and credit cards. They use a very complex algorithm that makes it hard for hackers to access the personal and financial information of the players.
  • There is also anonymity as you are not required to disclose any data, which enhances the security of your identity while keeping them from malicious people, unlike in the typical online casino where you are required to share your banking details.
  • Game fairness is another significant difference between the two. Crypto games use fair algorithms and have a low house edge making it easier for players to win. The typical online casino games have a house edge of between three to 15% depending on your preferred online casino or game.

The best crypto games

There are several crypto games in the iGaming industry. But Crash and Dice are two of the most popular titles you will get to play at any online crypto casino.

Crash- the game features a plane, a ship, or any other type of locomotion. So, once you join the site, you will be required to make a deposit to start the game. To win, you simply have to withdraw before the plane crashes. The scale of progression on which the craft launches is closely linked to the evolution of the winnings multiplier.

Dice– there are several dice games: scratch dice, which combines a scratch-off ticket and a dice game. The result is a combination of 3 dice faces, and each dice face can have 1 to 6 dots on it, so they usually are 6 sided dice. In the classic dice crypto casino game, you must guess a random number from, for example, between 0 and 999. Then pick if the next roll is lower or higher than the number you chose.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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