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Is Roulette Completely Random? Let’s Check

Now you might know the game of roulette as a gambling game, of course, and that it’s a method of playing and winning is pretty simple. But is roulette completely random? For a full understanding of the entire concept, here’s how it’s done, no matter whether you are playing at an casino bonus canada or at some land-based casino. Players place bets on which of the black or red compartments with unique numbers a revolving wheel will finally rest its small ball on. The spin is usually in the opposite direction, and you have all the bets displayed on the table. There are odds also in the mix, which determines how high you can earn.

So the game starts with players staking their bets before the dealer throws the ball into the revolving roulette wheel, and players can still stake on the rotating wheels. But when the dealer announces that there are no more bets, that’s the end for every player who staked before or who wants to place further bets. The ball will finally settle on a particular roulette wheel, and anyone or persons who placed their bets on that particular colour or number wins the game and is rewarded with the betting odds. The whole concept of the game appears random, right? I mean, you have no idea which compartment or sector the ball will finally call its home, and you just watch it rotate until it’s tired. It makes sense to think of it as being random.

Let’s Check the Randomness

The ball performs so many revolutions in a minute when it’s released before it loses rotational energy and finally lands in one of the compartments. In the course of these revolutions, it may encounter obstacles and hit some objects like the diamonds, which might cause it to deflect and thus alter its rotational path if it was following any.

There’s no way you can tell the speed of the ball and wheel, and there’s no slightest clue on where the ball will rest after completing its spinning. The whole thing appears random, but from the meaning of random, it’s all about something not having a unique system of action. There’s no predictable way in which it’ll move, rotate, bounce or just do whatever it’s supposed to do. That’s what the term “random” means.

Factually, things are barely random. They are only labelled random simply because the process initiating the actions and results isn’t clear to the understanding of those watching. The cause is not known, but the effect is seen and observed to be random. But everything happens with a cause, regardless of how random it may seem.

These underlying factors aren’t supernatural or beyond human comprehension. And there are a few factors, all of which can be measured according to the laws and principles of physics. They are real-life variables like:

  • Physical properties of the ball;
  • The speed at which it was released;
  • The speed of the wheel.

So it boils down to how these factors can be measured one after the other, which will then lead to a degree of certainty or at least near accuracy on where the ball is going to call it a final resting place on losing momentum.

Is Victory Possible?

Now most players barely understand this, which is why they stake high and lose high while the casinos make a fortune out of their hard-earned money. Professionals who have mastered the act of the game know how to win big every time they place their bets, and this goes for a lot of games out there. At first, it’s thought to be random with lots of probabilities and uncertainties, so it’s called “just luck”.

But a critical peek into the inner workings of these games will reveal a certain unique system that can predict victory to a certain degree and sometimes give you near accuracy, which can also give you an edge over others on the table. It beats not knowing at all. It beats being ignorant of how it works, and all you have to do is wait it out while praying you don’t lose for probably the 5th time and walk home broken.

So you might be playing real money online casino or whichever physical table you are on, and still, be armed with the near accuracy of where the ball will eventually land while being able to predict up to 90%, which isn’t bad in itself. However, there’s a chance of 100%, and the entire game of roulette isn’t completely random as you thought before coming here.

Systems that Predict

So here’s the thing. There are certain systems or computers that can measure the speed of the wheels and balls to give you a level of accuracy. There are many roulette computers out there that can accurately forecast the winning digits, but they might be illegal in some casinos, and if you are caught using them, you will be banned. Most casinos permit them too, and they come with certain pros and cons when using them, but accuracy is certain.

There’s also the physics roulette system which is about the most reliable since it’s based on the laws of physics. All you need to do is understand the strategy, which involves finding the relationship among the physical factors that causes an interplay between the wheel and the winning numbers. This system or strategy is legal in many casinos across the world, and it’s one of the best.

Other Systems that Can Predict

Other systems that can predict winning numbers and colours for roulette players include dealer signature and ballistics techniques. But that’s just a handful, and there are many other systems designed to predict winnings for players since it’s all about the physics.

However, the question lingers, is the roulette random? The bottom line is the game of roulette is not entirely random – it’s only a perception and not a fact. The results are products of certain variables that work in synergy, and considering the roulette here, the ball has its final destination owing to certain factors in play. And if there are underlying factors in play, it means results can be predicted to a certain degree of accuracy.

A better understanding of the variables involved in producing the results will reveal how predictable the game is. It’s all about the law of cause and effect, which is active in everything we do within the universe.


When next you decide to play your roulette game, try to look at it from another point of view and don’t think of it as a completely random case where it’s only your lucky charms that can make you win. You are only short-changing yourself by losing more money, and on the happy days where you win by luck, you end up spending them on further bet placements. Things can get more awesome with some handy tips that you can deploy at will. So while we call it a day here, think out of the box when next you play or find resources and systems to help you predict so you don’t keep losing. 

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Written by Marcus Richards

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