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Which Software Companies Create The Most Profitable Slots?

If you are looking for slot machine games to play then it makes sense to try and find those that are the most profitable. Are there software companies that create more profitable slots than others? Not really. All of the major software companies provide a wide range of slot games and some are more profitable than others.

We cannot say with any certainty that there is one software provider of slot games that stands out for having more profitable games than all of the others. You need to understand that winning with slot machine games is entirely based on luck. Yes, some people do win millions with progressive jackpots. But these are very rare indeed. But if you feel lucky you can try some of the best egt casino games.

The house always wins

There would not be so many online casinos around if they did not have the edge with casino games. Slot games are no exception to this. The software providers create slot games that will always give the house the edge. If this was not the case, many online casinos would not make enough money and would be out of business.

The truth is that some online casinos make a lot of money thanks to the variety of slot machine games that they offer. Although their win percentage is often lower than 5%, they will win many more times than they will lose.

Slot machine games are the most popular casino games at online casinos by far. The software providers know this and keep creating more and more exciting games for players. There is an addictive nature to these slot machine games and the companies know that players will continue to play for a while whether they are winning or losing.

If a player of a slot machine does win, they are unlikely to stop playing right away. They will continue to play because they feel that they can win even more. The reality is that they will end up losing their winnings more often than not of course.

Return to player (RTP) factor

When a company like Microgaming or NetEnt design a new slot machine game, they will build into it a return to player metric. The average return to player for slot machine games is around 95%. His means that the house has a 5% edge on average.

Some software providers do their best to make their RTPs higher than the average. Both NetEnt and Microgaming do this on a regular basis. You will often see slot games from these providers with an RTP of 96% and higher.

A lot of slot players will look at the RTP of a game to decide whether it is worth playing it or not. In theory, if a slot game has a high RTP then it should be more profitable. The reality is that players will tend to lose overall no matter what the RTP of the slot game they are playing is.

Think about this for a minute. A slot game with an RTP of 97% is obviously better than one with a 95% RTP. But does this mean that it is profitable? No, it doesn’t. The house still has a 3% edge here so they will almost certainly end up being the winners.

Forget about making a profit from slot games

Slot machine games are designed for entertainment purposes first and foremost. It is not a good idea to focus on the profit potential that they offer. Yes, it is possible to win with slot games, but you are more likely to lose.

Online slot games from all of the software providers use a random number generator to determine the actions of the machine. This means that winning or losing is a random thing and it all comes down to luck.

We recommend that you play slot games for fun rather than profit. There is a chance that you could win a lot of money through a jackpot for example but understand that such wins are very rare. Some players swear by different strategies for winning with slot machines. It is unlikely that you will find a strategy that will provide you with regular profits though.

The fact that slot games work on a random basis means that it is highly unlikely that a strategy will work on a consistent basis. While it is certainly possible to profit from playing slot games, we do not suggest that you rely on this.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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