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Is Twitch Only for Watching Gamers?

If you have never used Twitch but are aware of its existence, you could be missing out. Most people think that it is just a platform for watching gamers playing the likes of World of Warcraft or FIFA. However, this could not be further from the truth anymore, as the site now hosts a range of activities from live casinos, musicians, cooking, artists, and a growing chat network proving increasingly popular.

The Evolution of Twitch

The origins of Twitch were indeed firmly entrenched in gaming; it focused solely on video game content and even made this a stipulation in its terms and conditions. However, as more people wanted to use the platform, the creators amended the rules, and now pretty much anything goes, provided it is not violent or offensive and within the terms of use. The platform was purchased in 2014 by global giants Amazon and still pulls one of the highest traffic figures in the US.

Streaming Anywhere

Aside from the Twitch website, viewers can access content using apps which are available for pretty much any device you can think of, iOS, Xbox, Android, PlayStation, Chromecast, Roku and more. One of the reasons it has become so popular is that you do not have to log in to view the content, and it is entirely free. It has also become a great way to make money by having content interesting enough to offer paid subscriptions or using ad placement to increase your visibility. Of course, most people won’t make their millions, but there are some incredibly popular streamers who do make a tidy sum.

Finding Streams to Watch

Twitch curates’ content on the front page and offers recommendations to visitors, but you can also explore using categories via the browsing section. A lot of the big ‘influencer’ type streamers are also very active on other social media platforms, so you will find links to their content on Twitch if you follow their Instagram or Facebook accounts. If you want to use Instagram to find streamers you may enjoy, search something like #twitchstreamer.

Popular Categories

Aside from the obvious gaming followers and streamers, the most popular category on Twitch is ‘In Real Life’, often abbreviated to IRL. This is where the vloggers hang out and basically talk about their life as it happens. Whether you want to see them go shopping, head to the emergency room or pack for a holiday, this fly on the wall content pulls huge audiences. Talk shows are also popular, as are cooking shows and casino gaming content. In the creative category, you will find many cosplayers, artists and designers sharing their creativity which is also fun to watch.

The Chat Platform

Twitch also introduced chat functionality, with users now able to follow and message each other. There are all chatrooms for users and viewers to hang out. It has become an almost fully functional social media platform with a focus on streamed content. This is one of the reasons it has become popular with those seeking to make money. Anyone can register as a Twitch Affiliate, but if you are looking to monetise your content, there are specific popularity requirements around the number of followers you have – the same applies to YouTube, so this isn’t a new requirement. As an affiliate, you can make 5% of sales revenue from things on your profile that you have recommended. As previously mentioned, this has enabled the most popular streamers to make a real living from their work on the platform; however, this does require much time and effort to get to a point where it can be successful.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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