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Fixed and also Discreet PayPal Payment at Reputable Online Gambling Casinos

PayPal payments are certainly already very long or pay certainly with it regularly times or also very repeatedly, if you buy anything with the Internet anything. At this point, we will talk about this online casino PayPal deposit, what advantages or possible disadvantages it can have. We will explain that the gamblers could also get extra offers (like specific reload or welcome bonuses) via PayPal.

So if the gamblers even know and also use the payment method for a long time, they might not have known it yet, so that option brings numerous pluses when used at online money game casinos. Numerous Internet casinos now praise that pleasant form of payment.

The origins of PayPal

To talk about the origins of PayPal we have to go back to California in 1998, specifically to San Jose, an American city located within the boundaries of Silicon Valley.

PayPal has been a pioneering company since its beginnings, as it is the first known electronic wallet. Its original name was Confinity, although in 2001 it was renamed as it is known today.

A year later, in 2002, PayPal was acquired by eBay, which at that time was the leading company in online sales. This union lasted until 2015 when PayPal decided to separate and become an independent firm.

Its headquarters are located in Luxembourg, as are the main offices of its financial regulator: the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier.

The most important about PayPal deposits in general

However, derived from the English word for writing friend, “pen pal”, PayPal can be translated as “payment friend” or even “payment friend”. PayPal is like such a cyber wallet. A personal email basically means your account number in this deposit form. If the players have ever wondered why you can never pay by PayPal at Amazon: in 2002 acquired PayPal and in the year two thousand and fifteen it reached a turnover of almost 10 billion USD.

New customers easily register thanks to their personal email identification and provide their bank account connection (account and IBAN ID number), which triggers the quick deposit of a small amount to the registered virtual account. There then appears on the account statement after 1 or 2 times 24 hours a verification number, which is confirmed by the PayPal account before it can be used immediately to deposit and receive money. This is done as a security measure to know that that logged in user is now also genuinely that person. So online fraud is certainly so absolutely prevented.

The TOP-10 PayPal online casinos




Betfair Casino

$100 BONUS

No Deposit Bonus

and 100% up to $100

  • No deposit bonus available
  • Numerous other promotions
  • Great mobile app

BetRegal Casino

$200 BONUS

100% Matched Deposit up to $200

  • Generous loyalty scheme
  • Fair bonus wagering terms
  • Games in multiple languages

NetBet Casino

Up to 500 Free Spins

  • Welcome bonus code required
  • Daily promotions
  • WhatsApp live support

LeoVegas Casino

$100 BONUS

Deposit Bonus up to $100 & 50 Free Spins

  • Award-winning casino
  • No deposit bonus available
  • Low wagering


$100 BONUS

88 Free Spins

and 100% up to $100

  • $88 no deposit bonus
  • 14 day expiry
  • 30x wagering

Casino Lab

$100 BONUS

Matched Deposit up to $100

and 300 Free Spins

  • Two welcome offers
  • Slots available in demo mode
  • Fast payouts

STS Casino

50 Free Spins

  • Wager-free welcome bonus
  • FreePlay on all slots
  • PayPal is included in bonuses

Pink Casino

$150 BONUS

100% up to $150

and 50 free spins

  • No deposit welcome bonus
  • Fast payouts
  • PayPal is included in bonuses

The Sun Vegas Casino

$300 BONUS

100% Matched Deposit up to $300

  • Minimum deposit is $5
  • Large number of Playtech games
  • Phone support is available

Jonny Jackpot Casino

500 Bonus Spins

  • PayPal available for bonuses
  • Over 1000 games
  • Easy to use interface

Usefulness and values for online gambling casino users

On the one hand, PayPal payment is extremely user-friendly and also easy to do. When that account is registered, gamblers can get started depositing for money gambling (and for other things) with it. The old-fashioned money transfer is often very tedious and does not even work in many banks online without problems. With PayPal, the amount is credited in a few seconds for the money recipient. All watch the payment at the moment on your computer screen and a payment recipient just as well.

The main advantages of that platform in online gambling is definitely the secrecy with which gamblers are allowed to make their deposits to the game casino. If, for whatever reason, you do not want anyone to be able to see your bank statements when you play at the Internet casino, PayPal deposits are totally separate. In the case of local house banks, there are certainly often nosy employees who simply should not know everything about you, right? Additionally, they are shielded from a money recipient getting the information. With PayPal deposits, the recipient only sees your email address, no other info from the users. Who likes to share the card info?

Then would also come that select online casinos when you deposit with PayPal payment now offer a certain very special gaming bonus for the casino players who do their money payments this way. There exist repeatable bonuses or that special “PayPal welcome bonus”. Some casinos now offer extra bonuses.

Also, the offer where you can pay everywhere with a PayPal deposit is becoming more and more attractive. Not only at eBay, but at hundreds of different providers may be purchased in the meantime. In addition, the account holder may use it to quickly and easily transfer money back and forth from one account to another.

Our advice: use a different and also fraud-proof password at PayPal and in no case the same one that you use when dialing in to different online gambling casinos. This is indispensable everywhere, however in the case of an account that may receive large coin winnings thanks to gambling winnings, this should be extremely mentioned.

PayPal payment security and privacy

As mentioned above, users basically only need a valid email, account details and to be over 18 years old. Having a bank card brings certain advantages, because after increasing deposits or money withdrawals to that PayPal payment account sometimes more questions are asked about security. If the players have several accounts registered with the Paypal account, you may always click on one of the accounts before the payment to the Internet casino.

Any responsible Internet casino service means customer service and data security in the payment method when accepting PayPal. This is even in this way, because the payment to that casino does not proceed free of charge at all. The levy takes over most cases thus the casino, and never the paying user.

The protection of data is taken seriously. The casino only learns the customer’s email address and never any credit card info. When you deposit with PayPal to the online gambling casino, the personal data is very secure, because each payment is made with the encryption of the so-called Secure Socket Layer protocol and the 128-bit key, which certifies the PayPal deposit by TUV Saarland and declares every possible money transaction as a very secure payment method.

There are always, whereby it concerns real money quite certainly appearing bad guys, which try it to get from the account holders information, which they take in the connection for it, in order to log in on your Paypal account. If this happens, however, the provider PayPal is extremely correct to clear up any money fraud and then immediately transfer the stolen money to the correct money account. Nevertheless, as noted before, it is always advised to take a totally good password and never to give it to anyone, to make public IBAN numbers or ATM cards, which one takes to activate the virtual account, or to respond to strange emails allegedly from PayPal. The provider would never ask for your information from their users via email. Also, it becomes significant to see your used web browser (such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Chrome, etc..) updated at all times. This is not only important for the data security options of that payment method, but additionally so that users can always have the greatest internet experience when playing casino games.

What are the disadvantages of using PayPal?

Although PayPal is a highly recommended payment method, you should also tell us about its disadvantages, so that there are no surprises. The major disadvantages include the following.

1. Fees may be charged

PayPal may charge a fee in certain instances, such as when we change the money in our account to others or when we have to change the currency.

For this reason, it is important to check what currencies the various casinos operate in before making a deposit.

2. You can only have one PayPal account.

Another disadvantage of PayPal is that it only allows you to have one personal account. This does not apply to credit cards or bank accounts.

You should be aware that before making a deposit or withdrawal, online casinos may ask for an identity check, and to do this they may require the player to show proof of identity, such as an ID card or driver’s license, and a screenshot of the PayPal account showing the name of the account holder.

3. If you funded your account using PayPal, you must also withdraw funds using that method.

Almost all reputable online casinos will require you to withdraw using the same payment method that you used to fund the player’s account.

Deposit in this way at more and more internet gambling casinos!

Today, more and more online gambling casinos are offering their casino visitors the possibility to pay easily and effortlessly via PayPal. The number of gambling casinos offering this option is constantly multiplying, as they can truly offer their gambling customers a secure and trustworthy option for wagering coins. However, there is a tendency that those who do not accept PayPal deposits will surely soon start to withdraw from the market. If the online casino visited by users stands for authenticity and also unique customer support, users may be guaranteed to be able to take that option already, or if currently not in any case, then certainly in a short time will have that secure payment method to choose from. This, of course, applies to gambling casinos that offer traditional games of chance on the one hand and those that offer your favorite slot games on the other. Have fun gambling and also paying online!

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Written by Marcus Richards

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