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A Guide To Understanding Online Bonuses

When signing up for online offers, it can be hard to know where to start. With so many available, competition for your attention can be fierce, and getting the right one takes time. The many offers that constantly circulate the web can get confusing. Below, we help you out by providing a guide to understanding the main bonuses you may find online. 

Daily Bonuses

Daily bonuses are one of the most lucrative, but are offered by very few companies. They give you a small prize every day for logging onto the website. Their main purpose of this is to keep customers coming back and using the service daily. The online casino industry uses this effectively, enticing existing players back while increasing brand awareness. For example, you could get one daily free spin on Paddy’s Wonder Wheel, which is an innovative way to give out bonuses used by the aforementioned company. Incentives are randomized, so you don’t know what you will get. It could be cash to spend on games one day, free slot game spins the next, or even digital scratch cards. 

When claiming daily prizes from any company, check the terms and conditions. Each prize will have its own set of rules and stipulations. For example, some offers may not be applicable at certain times. Regardless, they offer you a way to save some money on your expenses. 

Welcome Bonuses


A welcome bonus is an offer that is made upon signing up. They are used in many different sectors, with even some employers offering them when people sign up to work for them, such as retail giant Amazon. Many welcome offers follow a similar pattern. However, when it comes to the small print, they can be quite varied. 

One method some companies use is to offer limited-time bonuses. A company may offer full access to a product for a length of time, before reducing it back to what the customer has signed up for. Very often, this results in new customers paying for the higher price package, increasing revenue. 

VIP Programs

A VIP program is usually open by invite only, to people who use a service or platform very regularly. They work similarly to any loyalty scheme, which you may have used at supermarkets like Walmart. They will have different tier systems, based on how much of a service people choose to use. It may be available in bronze, silver, gold, and platinum levels, for example. Each is open to customers as they spend more money, with more incentives as the levels go up. 

At the most basic, these VIP clubs will offer you additional services and options, possibly along with cash prizes. As you progress, they may involve invitations to special events. Many will also enter you into prize draws, with some even offering weekend breaks, gadgets, and tech as prizes. 

There are many others on offer. However, by understanding the main ones available, you should get the product that is right for your needs. Don’t be afraid to shop around and make sure you check the small print. 

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Written by Marcus Richards

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