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7 Best Money Apps To Have On Your Phone

A Look At The Best Money Apps Currently Available

Having control of your finances is very important. By successfully managing your finances, you’ll be able to pay your bills on time and avoid getting into debt and stressing over money. However, for many people, this is easier said then done. With so many things happening on a day to day basis, it is very difficult for people to keep track of their finances. Luckily, there are several money management apps currently available on the market to help you stay on top of your financial situation. Here is a look at the top money apps on the market.


Qapital is a full service banking app that will help you learn how to save your money and make smart investments. Qapital uses goals and rules to assist you as you develop a savings strategy. You can also collaborate with others to help reach your goals together. Qapital has a pre-built portfolio feature to help you become a successful investor. Qapital will help diversify your funds so that you can acquire multiple streams of income. Qapital can help you develop your spending sweet spot. Qapital also has a payday divvy feature that allows you to spread your finances into multiple tabs, so that your upcoming expenses will be covered.


Mint is a personal budgeting tools that allows you to receive a thorough overview of your finances. Mint allows you to manage all of your personal finances accounts in one place. You can create hundreds of different budget categories for your accounts. Mint also has a new bill paying feature that allows you to pay your bills from a single interface. Mint uses a goal feature that will help motivate you to achieve special things. For example, you can choose to make purchasing a home or eliminating debt one of your main goals. Each goal that you set up will hook up with one of your financial accounts. You can track your progress towards the goal. Mint also lets you see a pie chart of your spending habits.


Ebates gives you cash back when buying things online through your phone. Ebates makes it easier for you to shop at your favorite stores. Ebates allows you to save money on items that you purchase every day. While also rewarding you with some extra income. Some of the top brands that have partnered with Ebates include Amazon, Macy’s, Target, and Old Navy. The Ebates app is also available in Canada and Japan.

Western Union

The Western Union app supports fast transfers around the clock no matter where you are located. You can also use the app to pay some bills. The touch ID feature allows you to complete a transfer within minutes. You can also save some time by scanning your debit or credit card. Western Union also allows you to send repeat transfers. Keep track of your transactions by entering your tracking number. The app makes it easy for you to find an agent location.

You Need A Budget

You Need A Budget, or YNAB helps you manage your money through providing tutorials and education materials. Every single dollar that you spend is assigned to a column. It’s either going into the spent column or the saved column. YNAB provides real time access to your account balances. YNAB uses the tutorials to help you learn about different concepts. You can create custom categories to help you keep track of your cash flow.


Digit analyzes your weekly spending habits and transfers money from your bank account into your Digit account. Every few days, Digit will make a transfer based on your bank account balance and spending patterns. Digit uses an algorithm to come up with the transfer balance. After three months of using the app, you will receive an annualized savings bonus. Digit also has a text messaging feature that informs you of different transactions involving your account.


The GoodBudget app asks you to divide all of your finances into separate envelopes. The app provides envelopes for your basic expenses, such as rent and groceries. You can also develop envelopes for expenses related to entertainment or holiday gifts. Every time that you spend money, the app keeps track of it. If any of your envelopes are red, that means that you have over spent.

Money apps have become popular as people look for ways to manage their fiances and avoid going into debt. A money app can assist you regardless of the current state of your finances.

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Written by Nat Sauteed

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