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What Does a Men’s Wallet Say About Its Owner?

It is not that all men define their personality by the type of wallet they carry around. However, wallets can help reveal a lot about their owners. Whether he is a practical or fashionable type, if he likes simple or sophisticated accessories, which materials he prefer –these things will tell you something new about your male friend.

Wallet Construction

Let’s start with a design. Look at his wallet and identify its construction. The most popular are flat wallets, bi- and tri-folds, although some guys prefer to keep it simple and organize their cash with a simple clip.

Pocketbook wallet. A guy who owns this kind of a wallet doesn’t like to make thing complicated. He prefers simple yet elegant solutions. For him, the simpler, the better. He enjoys everything to be neat, trim, and without a fold.

Bi-Fold Wallet. He is a practical and elegant man who does not complicate life with small things. In his wallet, he carries only the most essential things; less is more for him.

Tri-fold Wallets. He is an organized, conservative, and sociable man. In addition to carrying his credit cards and a couple of bills, he also keeps his business cards. He likes all the important things to be close at hand even if it may cause a bit of inconvenience.

Money clip. This man enjoys displaying a bulky bundle of bills. Making a splash is better than cash – this is his motto (although he likes cash too)

Chain wallet. This style is for a rebel man or a motorcycle fan. At the same time, it may convey practicality since a chain wallet fits into a jeans pocket for easy access while a chain will prevent it from loss.


Most men prefer black and brown models. Some will go with this simply because there is nothing else available. If that’s the case, your guy just doesn’t want to stand out and draw in unnecessary attention. Also, it means that he values his time – he’d rather spend it on something important than wastes in on wallet search.

At the same time, a regular black or brown pocketbook may be a conscious choice. These colors go well with any outfit and they will never go out of fashion. A guy owning such a wallet is very thoughtful concerning his style. He wants every detail to blend in and be cohesive. He is persistent and doesn’t change his mind. Maybe that’s why he won’t part with this wallet until it wears out.

Wallets of bright colors or with intricate patterns speak of an artistic soul. For him, beauty is above all. He likes wow-effect and enjoys catching delighted glimpses. At the same time, he is a flickering nature – one day he takes a fancy to you, the next day he has a new muse.


Materials, as well as their condition, can also say a lot about a guy.

If his wallet is made of genuine leather, it doesn’t mean he hates animals. Most likely, he just wants a durable accessory that will last a lifetime. Such guys are loyal partners – they will try hard to get something they like, and when they get it, they will never let it go.

If the guy in your life has a wallet crafted from artificial leather, it can mean three things: he is an animal rights enthusiast; he has no money for a premium wallet, or he doesn’t stick to anything for a long time.


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Written by Nat Sauteed

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