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3 Unique Restaurant Trends To Try At Home

If you love entertaining guests at home, you have probably tried different kinds of cooking and preparation methods. Restaurant and foodservice are constantly evolving to keep up with the demands and interests of the people. Some of the top food trends today help eliminate certain processes to incorporate convenience in food preparation. So, how can you take these expert trends and incorporate into your next home meal? You will want to address two things here – how your food looks on the plate and how it tastes. Make sure to cover all the bases to ensure your meal is a success. Check out these unique trends in the restaurant industry that you can try at home.

Get Creative with Smoke

When it comes to cooking with smoke – not all preparations are alike. Wet and dry are the two kinds of smoking methods used in culinary. The dry cooking method uses wood fire to cook the food, while wet smoking uses water to keep the moisture of the food. The smoke from the smoldering fire, in particular, adds to the flavor of the food. The great thing about this food trend is that you can smoke practically any dish from smoked meats, to cocktails to desserts. All you need is a smoker or grill, seasonings, herbs, wood chips, and your creativity.

Sous Vide Cooking

If you think sous vide is something that should be left to the professions, this high tech form of cooking is designed to make food preparation fast and effortless – even at home. With this French method of food preparation, moisture does not escape any food items. Cooking with a sous vide machine involves adding food to a vacuum bag or an airtight container, and then placing it in circulating warm water with a consistent temperature. Chefs typically use it when cooking meat such as steak and chicken. But, you can create many other dishes with the sous vide method; such as salmon, creme brulee, corn, sausage, eggs, and even biscuits.

Liquid Nitrogen Chilling

Looking to pair science with your cuisine? Both professional and amateur cooks are trying their hands at liquid nitrogen. This type of culinary method freezes food, giving it a smoother texture. It cooks the dish at about 321 F and flash-freezes anything the device touches. Given that the freezing process happens at a rapid rate, you can make a variety of dishes within seconds. Not to mention, it produces a nitrogen fog, giving the dish a dramatic effect and presentation.

You may spend a lot of time planning and preparing the meal for your next party or family gathering. However, if your food is tasteless and unattractive, all that time and effort will go to waste. Go ahead and find inspiration from your favorite restaurant and try these unique methods out today.

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Written by Nat Sauteed

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