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9 Simple And Easy Tips For Growing A Business Facebook Page In 2018

Facebook wants you to manage your business page diligently and intelligently! Every page at its core has to appeal to your niche, if you try to please everyone, you won’t please anyone – this is very true for the complex algorithm of Facebook.

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#1 Quality over quantity

The higher quality your content is, the more your followers will engage by liking, commenting, and hitting that golden ticket, the share button. Focus on producing quality pieces. Spend the time to research what your customers are missing. Where are there gaps in knowledge? And hone in on that. With the changes to Facebook’s algorithm and the drop in organic reach, brands can’t get the same reach they once had from sharing a large number of pieces. Do less, and boost some of your highest quality posts instead. In between, sharing industry news and content (with permission, of course), is a great way to keep your followers interested with minimal effort.

Contributor: Ana Milosavic

Company: hexonet.net | Facebook

#2 Short-term advertising

Boost high-quality content that you believe your industry would find valuable. Make sure to include recent quality pieces in your feed after the boosted post so that when your potential new followers visit your Facebook page, they have more to scroll through and engage with.

Contributor: Ana Milosavic

Company: hexonet.net | Facebook

#3 Collaborate

Similar to the infamous Instagram Pod, collaborating with like-minded individuals (or brands) on Facebook is a great way to get your brand noticed by a targeted follower base. Focus on collaborating with individuals as they don’t get the limited reach a brand’s page does... Share each other’s content, or highlight one another’s recent achievements. Be genuine, and stick to your brand goals. Only collaborate with those you believe your followers would gain from. Remember that a genuine, engaged follower is the ultimate goal.

Contributor: Ana Milosavic

Company: hexonet.net | Facebook

#4 Live content

This area continues to grow as customers want to see the person (or people) behind the brand more and more. Share ‘in the moment’ content that gets your followers excited and keeps them engaged. Live content can be anything from event coverage, to staff activities, product shots, behind the scenes, exciting new product or service launches, and anything else you can brainstorm. 

Contributor: Ana Milosavic

Company: hexonet.net | Facebook

#6 Grow a community around it

The best way to grow a Facebook Page is to grow a community around it by starting a group. We created the Gamer Girl Network (I play video games in my spare time) and started running the Women of Overwatch which now has about 3.5k members and growing.

Groups can get a lot of traction if you get the tone and atmosphere right. Overwatch is a fantastic game but with a notoriously toxic community. We felt that there was a niche there for a safe space for women where it has clear, simple rules, and a solid admin/mod team behind it to weed out anyone who is being nasty. The group has been so successful that many men have asked to join and a few days ago we launched Friends of Overwatch which is just like the women's group but with men as well, same rules applied.

So tips, create your page, then create the group. Once you have it running make sure that you have a small mod team that you trust to monitor it. If you have too large of a mod squad you will end up with infighting. Make the rules clear and concise. Push out content that is relevant to your audience (and add fun stuff that they will appreciate), do giveaways, and make it an enjoyable place people want to visit. This system works and will embolden your brand. It's all about the community growth as once you have that, your page will get the likes you want and a natural following.

Contributor: Jean H. Paldan

Company: gamergirlnetwork.com | rareformnewmedia.com

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